100 Apple Store equivalents will open in India

Infiniti Retail, which belongs to the Tata group, is opening 100 stores in India that will be similar to Apple Stores. The stores will only sell Apple products, according to the Economic Times.

Infiniti Retail is preparing to become a franchise partner of Apple and will open 100 retail stores with an area of ​​approximately 45-55 m2 for each of them in shopping centers as well as in shopping streets and neighborhoods. These stores sell only Apple products by becoming authorized Apple resellers.

Indians can expect to find iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches in the 100 stores, as well as Macs in the larger stores. It will be possible to discover each product, as well as buy them.

Tata has initiated talks with high-end malls and luxury stores. The lease conditions indicate the brands and stores that cannot be opened near these points of sale.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after it was reported that Tata Group was in talks to buy Wistron’s sole plant in India for up to 50 billion rupees (€575 million). Wistron assembles iPhones in India.

Apart from manufacturing in India to meet the growing demand for their products in the local market, Apple also plans to export products made in India to other countries. This will allow the company to reduce its reliance on China and potentially avoid some of the supply chain disruptions that have plagued its business in the past.

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