11 ultra-comfortable recipes for winter

When winter wins over our food routines and laziness rises for all of us as the key word with the cool months ahead, we thought we had to find you an alternative to eating gourmet, but without spending 25 years in his kitchen please! And the concept that caught our attention? The one pot of pasta or the art of making the most comforting pasta at high speed and without much effort. November is here, and it’s only natural that we get into an ultra chill evening atmosphere. All we ask for is a Christmas movie and a good, ultra-gourmet meal. We explain how to make a One Pot Pasta worthy of the best chefs right here.

A pasta dish even cooler than its nickname

This is definitely the sexiest and easiest pasta recipe to make: it simply involves cooking all the ingredients at the same time! must? All the flavors are absorbed, and our dish becomes all the more delicious. For that little anecdote, One Pot Pasta is known for generations in Italy for almost all Italian kitchens the way to cook pasta the way it should be. Our way of preparing the bolo or pesto sauce separately is so French and really has nothing to do with the classic codes inspired by the Italian mama. We adopt the credo of the boot and you will see, you will be irresistibly addicted to it.

The secret behind One Pot Pasta? Its perfectly cooked. That’s why we mix all our ingredients (even raw meat, salt and pepper…) from the start in a large fireproof dish and then cover with water or broth. We grab everything at high temperature and for a short time (12 to 13 minutes) and then lower to low heat. The longer the dish is cooked, the more flavor it will have! The ideal? Simmer between 45 minutes and 1 hour for a One Pot Pasta with thunder, mama mia!

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