2022 closed without Apple Classical or Spotify HiFi

Apple’s application dedicated to classical music will have missed the launch date that Apple had imposed on itself. A period which she had kept rather vague. When the announcement was made on August 30, 2021, the launch of the future app was scheduled for ” next year “.

It’s been 18 months since the acquisition of Primephonic – interspersed with a few appearances of references to this offering, which should be called Apple Classical (even the name is not officially known) – but nothing has come of it. On the contrary, there was movement, with the announcement of Stage+ by Deutsche Grammophon. A subscription for €14.99 per month for a catalog of 1,000 albums and live broadcasts.

For its part, Apple talked in the summer of 2021 about a subscription of €9.99 for the future dedicated app and its catalog (unless you are already an Apple Music customer, in which case the classical part should be available at no extra cost). The reasons for this long wait remain unknown, but we wouldn’t be surprised if rights and cost issues explain it.

Apple isn’t the only one showing a delay. In February 2021 (!) Spotify had revealed its intention of a “HiFi” offering for its catalog.

It should have appeared during the same year – in certain countries to begin with – but nothing on the horizon. Not even a step comment from the service. Unlike its main competitors, Apple and Amazon, which became free a few months later with high-quality content, are integrated into their existing formulas.

Perhaps we will see this Spotify “Platinum”, as mentioned in some test operations, arrive at the same time as the price increases mentioned last October…

At Spotify, price increases are to be expected

At Spotify, price increases can be expected next year


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