2022 the confirmation year for Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is one of the (many) services from the apple brand. Launching in 2019, the subscription video game service has struggled to make a name for itself, but it now seems well-established in the mobile gaming landscape and is attracting more and more users.

According to Matt Fischer, vice president of Apple responsible for the ecosystem around the App Store, the last few months have been “excellent” for the Cupertino company’s service. He uses an interview given to CNET magazine to take stock of these first two years with Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade: the service is popular but criticized

The service that wants premium considered by its detractors as giving too much space to independent games, not seeking to sign large studios and benchmark mobile games. If more exceptions exist, this reproach caused Fisher to react.

Surprisingly, Apple’s vice president is quite proud of this strategy. He readily admits that his service does independent games a credit. During the interview, he repeatedly mentions the name of Sneaky Sasquatch, a small game without big ambitions present on Apple Arcade. “We see a bright future for Sneakyā€¯

Also questioned about the gradual arrival of “+” games, Matt Fisher assures us that this is a wish of the players. As for the catalog itself, Fischer has also confirmed that games will be leaving Apple Arcade in the coming weeks.

Apple Arcade: a simple first step?

If an initial withdrawal has already taken place earlier, a “handful” of games per month should leave Apple Arcade during the year 2023. Apple’s arrival in the video game market and the very lively mobile game market are bound to provide ideas, but Fisher denied that comment on the brand’s future plans.

While the video game world has seen many takeovers in recent months, Apple doesn’t seem to want to participate. However, it is rumored that the apple brand has started discussions with the famous EA Sports studio.

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