3 perfect series to learn Italian

Is your 2023 resolution to learn a new language? And why not Italian? Soft on the ear, close to French, it is a relatively simple language to master. While you wait for your short Vespa stay on the Amalfi Coast, you can watch Italian series to work on your oral comprehension.

Your ears have to get used to the language. Series are therefore a very simple way to progress. Because Duolingo is good, but we have to move on.

But there is no question of immersing oneself heartily Gomorrah ! You don’t need to complicate yourself with a sharp Neapolitan accent, so strong that some natives even need subtitles.

We advise you to take it slow, as Italians have the unfortunate tendency to speak quickly. To master Italian perfectly, here are 3 series to devour like pasta alla carborana.

1) Castrate

Six episodes of about thirty minutes each, Castrate (Where Stuck in French) is an Italian series available on Netflix. It’s fun and quirky with a touch of excitement… It’s perfect for testing your Italian.

We follow two TV technicians who, we can say, are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Or in this case, the TV’s best connected cables.

One is an old bachelor, a mama’s boy, the other is obsessed with detective series. But their daily plan changes the day they find themselves at a crime scene, in spite of themselves. The problems begin and so do our giggles.

The series is short, easy to follow, easy… In short, it’s perfect for neophytes. We quickly get caught up in the game. Watch in VO, with Italian subtitles if you really want to get ahead. Good news, it looks like a second season is on the way…

2) Guide astrologica per cuori infranti

If you like romantic comedies and you have a certain appetite for the astrological signs, this series is made for you. Guide astrologica per cuori infranti (Where The Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts in Molière’s language) brings together all the ingredients of the classic rom-com.

Alice has a series of romantic disappointments, is still friends with her ex (whom she works with), and stagnates in her job at a television studio. Until she meets Tio, a cheeky young actor who wants to tell her about the love compatibility of astrological signs. A number of options, both romantic and professional, are open to Alice.

Besides the zodiac signs (you will learn to say that you are Gemelli, Fish Where balance in Italian), Guide astrologica per cuori infranti uses a fairly simple and common vocabulary, nothing particularly technical. It is perfect for enriching your knowledge! The topics covered are also very common, which is ideal when learning a language. Come on, leave the subtitles in French and put the subtitles in Italian: tutto andra bene.

Two seasons and a total of twelve episodes await you on Netflix. Guide astrologica per cuori infranti is a light series that warms the heart. Let’s be clear, it seems to help you make progress in Italian.

3) LOL: chi ride è fuori

You know LOL: Who laughs, gets out! on Prime Video? Well, be aware that there are different variations depending on the country. Thus, there is an Australian version, a Mexican version and… an Italian version.

For once, a reality TV show allows you to become Italian, TRUE. The one we talk about without a script and without thinking. There’s nothing like improving your language skills… And put them to the test! In addition, you will learn good jokes.

LOL: chi ride è fuori!, in Dante’s language, is based on the same principle as its French counterpart. Ten celebrities are gathered in a huge house for six hours. One rule: Don’t laugh. Obviously, everything is being done to break them before time runs out. If you have already overlooked the French version, this allows you to prolong the pleasure of the concept, but also to highlight the minimal differences between the two countries. It’s always interesting!

The advantage of reality TV is that there is rarely much at stake. If you miss a joke, it’s not the end of the world you’ll catch up on the next one. You are not asking for overwhelming effort from your brain, which has all the freedom to focus on the language.

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In order to progress, we also advise you to watch the series and movies that you know by heart. Again, the goal is to focus on the language and not necessarily the plot. When both take too much effort, your brain may say stop.

Finally, to work on your Italian unconsciously, don’t hesitate to put the subtitles in Italian even if you are watching a program in French. It doesn’t eat bread, you don’t feel like you’re working and yet… So you might as well take advantage of it!

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