3 players win €71,798 in tonight’s draw

The Loto FDJ jackpot reached the 20 million euro mark on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, a near-record jackpot for this year 2022, which was already played on April 16 for a winner on the Internet, and which is behind the winning record of 21 million euros still won online on October 10. To play a Loto grid online today, you have until 20:15 at the most, find the result of the draw from 20:50 on Tirage-Gagnant.com.

Update of 23/11/2022 at 21:30: the results are online without a millionaire

Almost 700,000 tables were winners during this November 23rd Loto draw. However, despite a very good turnout, no player was able to find the winning combination. Three players won €71,798 by matching the 5 numbers, the biggest wins of the night. As for the 2nd draw option, 4 players shared the extra jackpot and won €35,620 each.

Update of 23.11.2022 at 21.15: the draw is now online

It was still a few minutes late that the winning Loto numbers were put online on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. During the Belgium-Canada match, FDJ had time to draw the winning numbers, but these – these are still pending. As soon as the numbers are online, we’ll let you know!

The last Loto draw on Monday 21 November 2022 did not produce a big winner for the tenth time in a row. However, the number of players continues to grow with more than 700,000 winning grids in this draw at the start of the week alone. Among these winners, some were luckier than others, including three players who won €55,270 by matching the 5 correct numbers, not to mention the big winner of the 2nd draw option who won 127 minutes.

Today, how about getting your hands on the €20 million jackpot for this Wednesday, November 23, 2022? Get started and win the jackpot!

Play a Loto grid online for this draw on Wednesday 23 November 2022

Times to play a Loto grid on the Internet: ⏳ Play a grid in less than 5 minutes on FDJ.fr here. Simply select 5 numbers + 1 chance number to validate your simple Loto grid. ⏰ Check your network before 20.15 tonight, whether online or at the point of sale. At FDJ.fr you can start your gambling procedure until 20.10 to have time to validate your grid before 20.15.

Saturday 26 November 2022 €21,000,000 day hour mine dry To play

Loto FDJ draw results for this Wednesday 23 November 2022

The results of Loto FDJ will be disrupted again this Wednesday night due to the World Cup and the broadcast of the match Belgium – Canada on Wednesday night at 20:00 on TF1. We will try to offer you the best possible experience by giving you the winning numbers for both draws as well as the ten Lotto codes live.

These delays in the publication of Lotto draws will last for the duration of the competition, i.e. until 18 December 2022.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

What are the winning Lotto numbers tonight?

Today’s winning numbers have been drawn. You had to play the numbers 15 19 36 45 46 and the chance number 4. ▶ Experience the 2nd draw and lotto codes here

What is the amount of the Loto FDJ jackpot today?

The lotto jackpot amount for this Wednesday night promises to be incredibly high, at 20 million euros. This jackpot follows a series of ten draws without a single big winner.

Until when can we follow the Loto result on Wednesday?

You will be able to play a Loto grid until 20.15 today. This Wednesday night you can try your luck online or at a point of sale, but play at least one grid. ▶ Play a Loto grid online here

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