5 new restaurants not to be missed this winter in the capital

Different and varied, here are five new establishments or concepts not to be missed this winter in Brussels.

Lily’s, ultra-trendy

IN Lily’s, there is a first name, but above all character. Little of the eighties and a lot of modernity. A little romantic air under kitsch looks. One bara restauranta pergola which will be able to open on sunny days and a speakeasy for the night! Velvet, marble, burgundy, green, rising music and lots of friends from all over that we end up on the table with. In place of the old one Callen’s Cafe, Lily’s offers one menuThe Mediterranean, a cuisine of heat, clan and sharing. Italy, Greece and Spain are represented in the form of dishes to share…or not. One restaurant which reminds us of the great Parisian restaurants, where we dress up, eat smartly and well, and where we go out into the wee hours… The establishment is already very noisy. A shock combination that was undeniably missing in the capital.

IT Tower, Avenue Louise 480, 1050 Brussels – www.instagram.com/lilysbrussels

© Lily’s

Domenica at Bistro Nazionale

Admittedly, this is not a new restaurant, but a new concept launched by this one Italian restaurant with well-established success. La Domenica, Italy is a holy day, a giorno santo. Sunday is spent with family or friends, around a good meal. We will be at tablewe are eating pasta della nonna and we share a friendly moment. To translate this Italian tradition, in Brussels National Bistro unveils its new concept: Italian brunch ! One bellini to begin with, a ristretto or one cappuccino to continue, a multitude of Italian specialties, gourmet sweets… Between focaccia, carpaccio, pasta al forno, risotto, formaggi e salumi… there is something for everyone! A gourmet all-you-can-eat buffet full of good products at a price of €35 (a cocktail and a coffee included).

Rue Lannoy 2, 1050 Ixelles – www.bistronazionale.be/brunch

© Bistro Nazionale

Bouillon, Parisian concept in Brussels

In Paris, these restaurants are called ” broth “. Of popular breweries where local and traditional quality dishes are offered at low prices. Like its Parisian equivalent, the Bouillon Brussels offers popular cuisine to the taste of Belgians. The opening is planned for December 15. At the time of writing, the establishment is still closed but has unveiled its menu. Tempting to desire! Gray prawns from the North Sea, Winkles from the English Channel, oysters from Normandy but also Pottekei’s radish, bone marrow, hen with rice, mussels in beer, calf’s head, waterzooï… Convinced? We run to discover this very nice new concept that has finally won the capital!

Rue des Dominicains, 1000 Brussels – www.instagram.com/bouillonbruxelles

© Bouillon Brussels

Kafei Hjørnesavlen

After great success, the Wang family decided to further develop their concept, Cafea coffee shop trendy with an Asian touch. Here, in this new address in Sablon, we leave their delicious brunches to find the cakes (all homemade via their “K Bakery” brand), their beverages, hot and cold, and also the famous airy pancakes, stars of the brand, real gourmet butchery not to be missed. A charming address where you can comfort yourself this winter.

Rue Joseph Stevens, 1000 Brussels – www.instagram.com/kafei_bxl

© Kafei Corner

Shanghai Kitchen, advanced Asian cuisine

Located in the heart of the center of Brussels, at the entrance toRadisson hotel Grand Place Collection (5*), Shanghai cuisine showcases the culinary specialties of Southeast China, more specifically those of the Shanghai region. The elegant decor of restaurant, designed by the architect office Rafael de la Hoz, mixes contemporary design and discreet references to the Middle Kingdom. The authentic and confident taste of Shanghai cuisine invite to a new landscape. A crush on delicious dim sum artisanal, refined and original dishes and even oriental or revisited oriental desserts. A must if you like Asian cuisine.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels Rue du Fossé aux loups 47, 1000 Brussels – www.radissonhotels.com/shanghai-kitchen

© Shanghai Kitchen

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