6 women testify about their relationship with Norman Thavaud

Videographer “Le Roi des Rats” published a video on Tuesday evening in which he collected testimonies from six women, at least one of whom filed a complaint against YouTuber Norman Thavaud.

“He liked that I look young, that I don’t look my age, that I don’t look grown up.” In a video of more than 40 minutes, the YouTuber “Le Roi des Rats” published on Tuesday evening an “investigation of Norman Thavaud aka Norman Fait des Vidéos”, collecting the testimonies of six women.

They talk about their relationship with the YouTuber, whose police custody for rape and corruption of a minor – as part of a preliminary investigation entrusted to the Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM), opened in January 2022 – was lifted on Tuesday evening “for further investigation”, without prosecution at this time.

Among these young women, who are testifying with their faces uncovered or on condition of anonymity, is Maggie D., a Quebec fan who had publicly accused Norman Thavaud in 2020 of manipulating her into obtaining sexual images and videos, while she was 16 at the time. She said she had filed a complaint in Canada.

“The Rat King” did not specify in his video whether the other witnesses were among the five other women who filed a complaint against the YouTuber, according to the public prosecutor’s office.

A modus operandi is emerging

The six testimonies collected highlight Norman Thavaud’s modus operandi with these women to obtain nude photos or even intercourse.

“When I pushed him away he said something like ‘I didn’t think you were that kind of girl’ […] He said to me: ‘normally, at your age we are already doing things. It’s a baby character you have,'” confided a young woman who was 18 at the time of the events. This reference to age, according to the witnesses, came up every time they denied her a claim.

An age difference which, according to her, was sometimes not a problem for the content creator. “He would make a lot of comments to me that he liked that I looked young, that I didn’t look my age, that I didn’t look grown up,” she continued.

According to Release, five potential victims may have been raped. Two were minors at the time.

“He had taken off the condom”

During the video, released Tuesday night, a witness accused Norman Thavaud of removing his condom without his consent during sex.

“We had a relationship, he used a condom. Except when the relationship ended, I realized, physically and from the side, he had taken the condom off,” she said. Explain.

This act, called “sleathing,” has been considered a sex crime in Canada since August, but a legal vagueness remains in France due to a lack of case law.

The group “The Audacious”

At the end of the video, Maggie D. revealed that after the publication of her testimony on the Canadian media Urbania, “thirty” “victims” approached her. “Most of the stories sounded like mine,” she said.

So she decided to create a group she called “Les Audacieuses”. “In the beginning there were about fifteen of us in the group. Now we are eleven. We validate ourselves in the feelings and in the crimes we have experienced”, she concluded.

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