7 important things to have at home to be happier, according to science

Scientists agree on this subject: the environment in which we develop has a particular impact on our mental well-being. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your home is a truly comforting cocoon that you will appreciate seeking refuge in when your morale is low or when something is wrong in your life. . To make our interior a rejuvenating space, it is sometimes enough to invite a large number of small odds and ends that will fuel and nurture our personal happiness, as several studies conducted in this direction suggest.

Whether it is an element of decoration, a smell or a color, focus on all these things to have in your apartment or house to make your everyday life a little more joyful.

What things should you have at home to be happier?

According to a report fromAssociation for Psychologists, the fragrance that comes from our insides would be crucial to our well-being. The most effective smell to calm our mind would be that of flowers. We should therefore bet on floral fragrances for the home both delicate and pleasant, like those with jasmine or Tiare flower, which will perfume our homes without making us gag.

To continue on this booming momentum, research conducted by the psychology professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones demonstrating that the presence of flowers in an interior would automatically trigger a feeling of happiness and contentment. So we don’t hesitate to fill our empty vases beautiful colorful bouquets of fresh or dried flowerswhich will also help to boost our interior design.

On the decorative side, for a more relaxing interior “less is more”. The ideal would therefore be to avoid overloading our space with a multitude of decorative objects, but rather to appeal to subtlety and minimalism. According to a study conducted byUCLA’s Center for Everyday Life and Familiesbecause there is a direct correlation between an increase in the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and an accumulation of trinkets in the home.

Nothing is better than a candle to create a more cocooning and warm atmosphere at home. Their gently billowing flames are said to be very soothing to the brain, as shown in an article by Chemical sense. And it would be even more effective when the candles are scented with vanilla, a scent that, like flowers, would have a positive effect on mood.

If we trust chromotherapy, a method that assumes that the colors would have a healing power, the shades in which our walls are painted would also have all their meaning. There would be two that would be particularly recommended to bring joy into our lives: green and yellow. At least that’s what a study from the University of Vrije in Amsterdam suggests, which states that yellow and green would be the two shades that would evoke the most joy and happiness. The yellow would recall the heat of the sun, while the green would evoke the tranquility of nature.

It would be equally beneficial for morale to show in the four corners of your house, a few souvenir pictures slid into beautiful frames. Looking at pictures of family, travel or things that are important to us would immediately reduce stress by triggering positive emotions, according to researchers at the University of Portsmouth.

Finally, it is a basic hygiene principle, but a little reminder never hurts: don’t leave your home without taking the time to make your bed. People who skip this morning phase are more unhappy than others, according to a study by Hunch.com, while a well-made bed would evoke a sense of contentment. Proof that sometimes it actually takes a little more to be happy.

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