A new product arrives that makes pizza more digestible without changing its taste and texture

It is an absolutely tasteless dietary fiber, obtained from the starch contained in tubers and grains.

It has probably happened to everyone, at least once in their life, that they could not digest a pizza properly and experienced having to struggle with symptoms such as bloating, heaviness and thirst due to poor digestion. A solution to the problem may soon come from a new product which, added to the dough, makes the pizza more digestible without changing its taste and texture. Developed by a team of researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, it is called FiberX and is obtained from the starch contained in tubers and grains such as cassava, wheat and maize, which are processed to produce a invisible fiberthrough advanced starch modification technology, the researchers explained. FiberX is actually completely tasteless and can be added to pizza dough, bread and cakes to improve low-fiber foods. Like those normally found in vegetables, FiberX fibers resist digestive enzymes, nourishing beneficial gut flora and potentially improving the digestive process. ” Our product – the developers explained – not even noticeable when added. It’s like a parent hiding vegetables in a child’s meal to make it more nutritious.”.

Until now, a major problem with most commercially available fiber supplements was that adding fiber could change the texture of foods, make them hard or affect their taste. Instead, the new starch modification technology used by Australian researchers resulted in a product that can be added.without changing the taste, color or texture of the foodsaid Professor Asgar Farahnaky, project manager at RMIT’s Center for Food Research and Innovation.

In addition to improving the functioning of the digestive system, FiberX can also ” help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes and reduce risk factors for certain cardiovascular diseasesclarified the academics, noting that the new product is also suitable for the production of foods with a low calorie content or low glycemic index, as well as the possibility of being used in gluten-free preparations.

As part of the development, the researchers performed a taste test and texture analysis on bread and cakes with varying amounts of FiberX. And they found they could add up to 20% more fiber to foods while maintaining their original taste and texture. ” The new starch modification technology used allows us to increase the amount of fiber in the food so that we can receive our recommended daily intake even while consuming less food, which has the potential to help weight control and diabetes.Farahnaky added.

In collaboration with Microtec Engineering Group, an Australian engineering company that supplies equipment for starch processing, the production of FiberX will soon start for use of the new product in the large food industry. ” It will be an efficient, economical and energy-efficient process on a large scale – concluded Farahnaky – . This indicates that the food industry will have access to large amounts of dietary fiber at an affordable price to provide high fiber foods to consumers.”.

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