A victory for Neapolitan pizza, now protected by the EU

From December 18, the European regulation establishing “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed” will protect the Neapolitan pizza recipe to prevent imitations on restaurant menus and supermarket checkouts, under penalty of sanctions. But how do you recognize the real Neapolitan pizza?

Good news for Made in Italy and in particular the Neapolitan pizza, the real one. From now on, it will be forbidden to write “Neapolitan pizza” if the rules for it are not respected. At the request of Italy, Brussels included the famous “Neapolitan pizza” in the EU regulation on “traditional specialties guaranteed”.

The faithful characteristics of Neapolitan pizza

It is clear that this name can no longer be used either on confectionery boxes or on restaurant menus in Italy as in all countries of the European Union, if the rules of preparation are not guaranteed. And the method is very precise. To be Neapolitan, a pizza must have been prepared with a long levitation; the dough must of course be rolled out by hand; cooking, only over wood at a temperature of 485°C; the limit should be one to two centimeters. The restrictions also concern the use of basic raw materials – exclusively Made in Italy -, extra virgin olive oil with fresh basil and mozzarella which can be buffalo from Campania or traditional. Tomatoes can be either peeled or fresh.

The symbolic dish of the boot is a true culinary religion in Italy and represents a turnover of 15 billion euros in the country, where around 8 million pizzas are baked every day. Neapolitan pizza, but above all the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, has already been listed as an intangible heritage of humanity since 2017.


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