Accused of sexual and psychological violence, Léo Grasset (Dirty Biology) responds in a video request

In a 35-minute video, the YouTuber, creator in 2014 of the science popularization channel Dirty Biology, accused since last June of sexual and psychological violence by several women, categorically denies the facts of which he is accused and intends to “answer on all that”.

It was a very bad date to choose to publish an observation right, as some observers have pointed out. On Friday, November 18, on the eve of a day of mobilization against sexist and sexual violence in France, YouTuber Léo Grasset, creator in 2014 of the YouTube channel DirtyBiology, published a 35-minute video in which he responds to accusations he has been exposed to since the summer. In June, Media party had published several testimonies of women who talk about sexual and psychological violence on the part of the YouTuberfigure in the popularization of science on Youtube. To these testimonies, one of which told of a rape that allegedly took place in 2016, were also added the voices of several other YouTubers to whom these eight women confided.

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In the wake of these accusations, the YouTuber had simply split a text published on his Twitter account in which he disputed the allegations against him. “I have always been careful to respect the consent of all my partners”he assured, specifying that he preferred to make “the choice to refrain from further comment at this stage”, on the advice of his lawyers.

Screenshot of Twitter account of @dirtybiology

Since then, Léo Grasset had been particularly silentno longer posts videos on his Youtube channel.

A video plea, but not a mea culpa

On Friday, November 18, the YouTuber came out of his silence, in a long video published on his social networks and his Youtube channel, in which he intends to “answer all this”. Facing the camera, in sober surroundings on a gray background, Léo Grasset returns for 35 minutes to the accusations against him. A video in the form of advocacy, but no my fault.

My answer to Mediapart.

In his defense, Léo Grasset intends to detail how, according to him, the investigation carried out by the journalists of Media party painted a portrait of “who is dishonest” and how it constructs “a toxic character with innuendos and abbreviated quotes”, suggesting in a thinly veiled way (as he does several times in the video) that the investigation was not carried out with the necessary precautions or was even sloppy, questioning the ethics of the journalists and discrediting their work, before completely denying the words of the victims . Under these conditions, the YouTuber promises those who watch the video that he will “show them the processes used and give (his) version of the facts”.

“I absolutely do not recognize this description of the events, which do not correspond to my way of being in sexual relationships”

Point by point, Léo Grasset therefore launches an enumeration of the facts of which he is accused and intends to prove his innocence with supporting evidence. (the chat screenshots mentioned in the video are all available on pause, only the names are blurred).

About the accusations of rape on the person of Lisa, who testifies in the article by Media partyhe claims to immediately deny “categorically this accusation. I absolutely do not recognize this description of the events, which do not correspond to my way of being in sexual relationships”. He also states that he has not never been in a relationship with the young womanwhich she mentions in her testimony.

In addition to the accusations of sexual and psychological violence that he is the subject of, the article is of Media party also mention how the youtuber would have contributed to undermine Lisa’s career, if not simply to “grill” it with the microcosm of Youtube. Accusations that Léo Grasset also denies, with the support of screenshots of creators and creators of Youtube content, who also testify in the article, and who would have participated in the campaign to degrade the young woman. “As you will see, many of the people interviewed in the article had their own grudges against her, and these were things that I had nothing to do with, that happened without me, and that sometimes went too far .”

Cheating, lying and deception

“Without all this contextualization, this part of the article gives the impression that I had conspired in the shadows to hurt him (…) with the contextualization, we can admit that if I didn’t do that, I didn’t do much to help him , nor did I spend much energy on discrediting his work and his reputation, and certainly less than anyone else’s. Personally, I have never contacted journalists so that they can write about her in the press” he pleads. But if, with the help of these screenshots, he brings out the various points of criticism from the conversation, which he accuses Lisa of cheating, lying on his diplomas or even frauds and certain “methods”, Léo Grasset does not indicate at any point whether he responded to this conversation, of which he simply states that he was not the originator, thus implying that he would not have participated in it at any point by not expending “energy to break down ” his work”. A defense in the form of ball return.

“It seems that several of them ended up coming to terms with this person, which is good news, and also this sterile and anxiety-inducing atmosphere ended up affecting me,” he then continues, suggesting that this ” conspiracy” might finally have turned. against him.

Convincing or not? Only the time of justice will tell. Yet Léo Grasset admits to himself that he has “a sometimes messy love life (…) makes great redneck jokes”behavior far from being reprehensible, but on the condition of knowing exactly what you put inside.

Last July, the creator of the channel “Passé sauvage”, Clothilde Chamussy, filed a complaint for “repeatedly imposed remarks or behavior with a sexual or sexist connotation”. Great redneck jokes, that’s all?

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