Adriana Karembeu and Christian: off-the-shoulder dress, magnificent location, their dream wedding in Corsica

Their meeting was like a fairy tale and could have been the subject of a movie. It was in 1996 that their eyes met for the first time on a plane, to finally not leave each other for almost fifteen years. Adriana and Christian Karembeu have become a couple. And on December 22, 1998, they sealed their love by getting married. A beautiful public ceremony.

It was in Corsica, in Porto-Vecchio more precisely, that Adriana Karembeu and the world champion from 1998 got married. For the occasion, Christian Karembeu opted for a gray three-piece suit and a blue tie. For her part, the statuesque blonde, 51, wore a long off-the-shoulder white dress. The top of the outfit was well fitted and highlighted her upper body. The bottom, made of tulle, was raised like a princess dress. On the hairstyle side, she opted for a bun with a tiara. She also wore a veil. And since the wind seemed to be there, she did not fail to wear gloves and a kind of white shawl to cover herself in case of need.

As you can discover in our slideshow, Adriana Karembeu’s father (with whom she has a complicated relationship) was present on this special day. Like his sister Natalia. Christian Karembeu could count on his mother’s arrival. And at the exit of the town hall or the church, the former lovebirds could see that a crowd was waiting for them. It was thus with bodyguards that they traveled when they were not in their white car chosen for the big day.

I went

After that, they spun perfect love for a good ten years. But in 2011, Adriana Karembeu announced on the pages of Paris Match that the former professional footballer and she had been separated for several months. “I was the one who went. (…) I could no longer endure the life we ​​were leading. When my husband stopped playing he started living on 300 an hour and I couldn’t keep up. We got lost without doing it on purpose. We couldn’t find each other. We no longer had a married life. Everyone must go their own way. I preferred to go so as not to ruin everything, so as not to damage our memories“, she said in particular.

Despite their divorce, Adriana Karembeu has not changed her last name. However, she has well and truly moved on since she met Aram Ohanian in Marrakech in 2011. The couple got married in 2014, a big and magical moment. And in August 2018, they welcomed their daughter Nina. Their history is unfortunately combined today with the past. On December 27, 2022, the Red Cross ambassador announced their breakup in an Instagram story. For now, the reasons have not been disclosed.

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