Advertising at Apple, a company criticized internally

Tim Cook made a point of remembering during last quarter’s results that Apple’s advertising activity was very far from reaching the level of its competitors. Unlike Meta or Google, Apple’s business model is not based on advertising… Although the manufacturer would like to take more.

An ad for a casino operator in a children’s game.

The recent emergence of new advertising spaces in the App Store has not gone unnoticed with the display of advertisements for casino apps in children’s play sheets. Fortunately, Apple bounced back fairly quickly by (temporarily) withdrawing certain categories of advertisers from the program.

App Store: Will advertising break the trust contract between Apple and its users?

App Store: Will advertising break the trust contract between Apple and its users?

This advertising insertion provokes an internal debate, according to The information. According to several sources, there would be an “apathy” among Apple employees regarding this advertising business. Engineers would have expressed in internal messages their fear of a deterioration of the “premium” experience of the iPhone.

We had an example of this with Shac Ron, a former senior engineer at Apple, who publicly and vehemently said how bad he thought about this desire to hack into the advertising market.

App Store: despite

App Store: Despite opposition from Apple employees, Tim Cook wanted advertising money

There is reportedly some pressure on ad placement sales teams to “turn in the numbers” to meet quarterly targets, which may explain the prevalence of dodgy banners in the App Store before Apple stopped them. Pressured by their managers, sellers would have encouraged advertisers (publishers and developers) to “buy” less relevant keywords for their apps to artificially raise their prices.

At this point in time, Apple will in any case be satisfied with the results recorded by advertising in the App Store and will not intend to further expand the ad slots elsewhere in iOS. However, the rumor talked about plans that could go to waste in a few months, but also about books, podcasts and also about Apple TV+.

Plans: the next good business plan d

Plans: Apple’s next great business plan

A respite for users? This year, the ad should bring back $4 billion in Apple’s coffers.


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