After 12 years of relationship with wealthy businessman Aram Ohanian, Adriana Karembeu leaves him and makes a strange statement…

She probably did not imagine that the year 2022 would end this way… But it is actually as a single person that Adriana Karembeu will turn to 2023. This Tuesday, December 27, the ex-model took over her Instagram account to make an announcement no one expected: his separation from the now ex-husband of his life and the father of their little Nina, Aram Ohanian.

Met in 2011, it was in 2014 that the couple said “yes” to Monaco. On this date, the 98 world champion’s ex-boyfriend, Christian Karembeu, is already dreaming of starting a perfect family and makes no secret of it despite his advanced age. “At my age, it’s very complicated. I’m trying with all my might! If it doesn’t happen, you have to understand. You can’t have a child at 50…”, she confided to our colleagues from Figaro last April. And finally the baby arrives in 2018 to the joy of the couple.

Adriana Karembeu and Aram Ohanian, it’s over

Nina comes to fill their perfect life and offers a new life to Adriana Karembeu. The icing on the cake that makes him happy… or not. Indeed, this Tuesday, December 27, the sublime blonde announced terrible news. But apparently not so terrible from the expressions she used. On her Instagram account, she announced her separation from AndrĂ© Ohanian through a sublime message that speaks volumes about the mutual respect of the now ex-lovebirds.

It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines… Twelve magnificent years together… I have thrilled every moment. I have never laughed so much as at your side. Our story was beautiful and I loved it so much… But today we decided together to go our separate ways… Love will never end. You gave me the most beautiful of treasures… Our Nina. You are and always will be”she wrote with a heavy heart.

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