After Los Angeles and New York, Matt Pokora opens his fresh pasta restaurant in Paris!

For his first opening in France, singer Matt Pokora is setting up his Pasta Corner restaurant in Paris! And the least we can say is that the menu promises to make your mouth water…

Pasta Corner, Matt Pokora’s fresh pasta restaurant, has just opened its doors in Paris! Credit: Pasta Corner Paris

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Fresh pasta and sauces prepared before your amazed eyes (and your boiling taste buds). Here’s the promise of Pasta Corner, the brand created by French singer Matt Pokora! With already two addresses in the USA (Los Angeles and New York), Pasta Corner now arrives in France to our greatest happiness.

The Pasta Corner restaurant opened on November 17 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and offers many recipes, each more delicious than the next. All this with fresh pasta and sauces to “fall” on the ground (as the title of one of his many hits…).

Pasta Corner, the temple of pasta signed by Matt Pokora, arrives in Paris

It is with the help of Vincent Benoliel that the singer, revealed in season 3 of the show Popstars in 2003, decided to drive the taste buds of the French crazy with Pasta Corner, already installed in Los Angeles and New York.

Here only fresh pasta (don’t expect to find a pack of shells in the kitchen) and sauces prepared with love and delicacy. More classic recipes such as bolognese, carbonara (WITHOUT CRUSH of course) or even arrabiata without forgetting cacio e pepe. But also more original preparations with black truffles and of course “Matt’s favourite” with pink vodka sauce.

Credit: Pasta Corner Paris

This recipe, which is very popular with our neighbors across the Atlantic, is made with vodka, red pepper, parmesan and parsley. And it’s really delicious! We advise you if you have never tried it. On the dessert side, we find the great classic of Italian gastronomy: tiramisu. Traditional recipe or with exotic fruits, it’s up to you if you still have room.

Credit: Pasta Corner Paris

Matt Pokora arrives in Paris with his fresh pasta (and more)

Pasta Corner, which opened on November 17, also has gluten-free pasta alternatives on the menu for people with allergies or intolerances. That’s good news! On site, for take away or even for delivery, the establishment is open every day to delight your taste buds! Please note that reservations are not possible.

At Pasta Corner you will finally find a delicatessen department: fresh pasta, sauces, olive oils, vinegars, mezze, olives, panettone… You are spoiled for choice to please yourself (or to please someone) with all these gourmet products.

Credit: Pasta Corner Paris

Pasta Corner by Matt Pokora,
8 rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris
Monday to Thursday from 11:30 to 16:00 and Friday to Sunday from 11:30 to 22:00.

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