Agen: After the suspended coffee, the “solidarity pizza” Friday dinner

This is the gesture made every week by a customer of the pizzeria Yad, located on boulevard Eugène-Pelletan in Agen. Fatma buys one pizza and pays for two. She leaves it up to the leader to offer it to those in need.

We knew about suspended coffee. A practice of solidarity that has been imported for many years from Italy and especially from the Naples region. You drink a cup of coffee on a terrace or in the corner of the bar and you pay for another one for someone in need. On the Agen side, Fatma goes even further. She rejects this faithful and supportive gesture in a mildly original way. We could call it: the suspended pizza or the solidarity pizza. She emphasizes that “even though for her this gesture is all that is most normal”.
Friday, the time is 12:30, Fatma arrives on the side of the boulevard Eugène-Pelletan, at number 40, in the prefecture city. “Today is pizza day,” smiles this 63-year-old from Agenaise. She doesn’t change her Friday habits. A short vacation from Montanou, where she lives, to go to Pizza’Yad. A story of loyalty to one’s pizza maker over several years.

And the pizza maker distributes it

She orders a pizza, never the same, to vary the taste and the pleasure. Then Fatma pays the bill. No, the pizza maker wasn’t wrong: she pays two.
Almost embarrassed, she says: “The one I took for myself and the other for someone else, it helps to give food to someone who didn’t want the means. We must support each other, help each other. We must support, even if we have little means, those who have even less.
The rest is taken care of by Zyad, the manager of Pizza’Yad. “She’s asking me to give it to someone,” he says. “You know there is a lot of traffic in front of the store. We have a high school nearby. You quickly see a person who is in need. So every week the manager of this pizzeria offers a pizza to one person. “I explain what happening and the reason for this gesture of solidarity,” he continues. The recipients are “always happy about this gesture”.
As for Fatma, she doesn’t want to know who will benefit. “The most important thing is that it is well distributed. I trust him, he does what he wants. I know he will give it to someone who will benefit fully from it,” she says. Even when she is away on a Friday, she quickly calls Zyad to make him think about “getting him a pizza”. “And I pay him the week after,” she continues.
For many months, the ritual has been the same for the sex worker. She does not want to deviate from that. And to conclude: “I will continue as long as I can afford…”

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