Agostini and Marquez threaten Honda!

Ezpeleta, Dorna’s boss, clings to his completely foolish idea of ​​an extra mini-GP for every MotoGP race. Which must fill the circuit’s stands and multiply the number of TV spectators in front of their screens. I condemned Ezpeleta, I give him a postponement until the GP of Portimao, the first in 2023. Having said that, new proof that Ezpeleta knows absolutely nothing about motorcycling passion, he confirms that if he likes rivalry, he hated the year 2015 with the clashes between Rossi, Marquez and Lorenzo. Pilots, he says, don’t have to hate each other to attract people. Well, dear Carmelo, since Ago and Hailwwod, Ago and Read, later Rossi and Lorenzo, then Rossi and Marquez, I even think of Poulidor and Anquetil, Smith and Carlos and their black-gloved fists on the 200-meter podium in Mexico City in 1968, we call it the fight, and it’s all the more combative since the pilots aren’t going on holiday together. This so-called comradeship! I would love to add bubbles, like in cartoons when they kiss (one thinks hate, the other thinks poor thing, I have you…) it gets on my nerves. After the match, long after, rugby invented the third half, generally forbidden to journalists, where the two teams, who had happily torn each other’s cheeks with the irons, made a rather alcoholic peace… , What would football be without hatred for the courage of Marseillais Paris (unfortunately devastating when they were out of the stadium), what would rugby be without the Haka, what would have been in time, in 1969, a year after the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the USSR that killed the Prague Spring in bid, this victory for the Czechs in ice hockey amid the cheers of the whole world? “ Sport is war, minus the guns” wrote G.Orwell, author and creator of the terrifying Big Brother… a dozen or so words that smack of genius…


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