An object from space source of all attention – La Nouvelle Tribune

Space is not done revealing all its secrets to us. That the earth is only a small fragment of the vastness of the Cosmos. The average citizen does not necessarily realize the complexity of the solar system. On the other hand, scientists keep a watchful eye on the various phenomena that govern the universe. Many stellar objects travel through space. We can cite comets, asteroids, meteorites… There is also space debris that originates from the frantic race towards the conquest of space, which began in the 1950s.

These various objects and space debris pose a real danger to Earth, because at any moment it could fall victim to a collision with serious consequences. The most striking example is that concerning the extinction of the dinosaurs. Millions of years ago, a meteorite crash wiped out all species of dinosaurs from the face of the globe.

Today, many scientists believe that we are not immune to another such event. In 2014, a mysterious object from outer space crashed into the water in Pacific Ocean. The object was baptized CNEOS-2014-01-08. The object measured 45 cm wide and struck the ground in the Pacific Ocean at a speed of 216,000 km/h.

This is shown by studies from two American researchers, which were published in the journal The Astrophysical Journal, CNEOS-2014-01-08 arrived at Earth following a hyperbolic trajectory, which suggests that it is of interstellar origin, that is, it comes from outside the solar system. A large-scale expedition is planned in 2023 to search for this meteor and its secrets in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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