Andiamo Pizza, a new pizzeria in Calais-Nord

A new fast food specializing in pizzas has just been established in Calais-Nord. Homemade pizza dough and fresh fries are on the menu.

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Since Tuesday 29 November, gourmets can come and enjoy pizzas at Andiamo Pizza in Calais-Nord. Created by two partners, both from Calais, Mehmet Ali Korkmaz and Abdelfattah Ghannoudi, the fast food restaurant offers pizzas, their specialty and a wide selection of snacks available individually or as a set menu. Customers will find sandwiches, tacos, hamburgers, bowls and also fresh homemade fries. The establishment aims to be friendly and gourmet while combining quality. ” We want the customer to be satisfied, therefore we focus on the quality of our products and our suppliers. We make our homemade pizza dough, that is the strength of our restaurant “, explains Mehmet Ali Korkmaz.

Mehmet Ali (right) and one of the chefs on the left.
Mehmet Ali (right) and one of the chefs on the left. – VDN

On site or for take away, the restaurant rue de la Mer in Calais-Nord is open every day except Monday from 11.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00 and until 22.30 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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