Apple didn’t want the Epic Games Store to sell PC games on iOS

In a long interview with The edgeTim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, ensures his unwavering desire to go all the way to open the iPhone to other application stores. Those who have been following Epic v. Apple will not learn much new (the case is on appeal and could go all the way to the US Supreme Court). On the other hand, the interview contains information which, as far as is known, has not been published.

Epic Games Store on macOS.

In the first half of 2021, either in the middle of a lawsuit or close to it (it took place in May of this year, while the verdict came down in September), Epic sent an iOS version of its game store to Apple, Epic Game Store. A provocation? We cannot exclude this hypothesis, but the publisher of Fortnite did not go without ammunition, he even had some hope of getting the green light from the App Store.

The Steam Mobile app allows you to purchase PC games from iOS using any payment method.

The Epic Games Store only sells PC games. Apple allows the use of alternative payment methods when digital goods sold in iOS apps cannot be “consumed” on an iPhone or iPad. Users of the iOS version of Steam and the PlayStation app can purchase games for their PC or console using any payment method.

Epic created the Games Store app for iOS, a PC game store that distributes our own PC game apps, and we sent it to Apple for review ” says Sweeney. The builder rejected it” without reference to App Store policies «, he assures. We only have the Epic version here, so it’s hard to draw conclusions without knowing what happened on Apple’s side… At the same time, Tim Sweeney acknowledges that nothing has changed, not from bullying or endless delays, in the review of ​​Epic’s other iOS apps, like the latest RealityScan.


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