Apple highlights accessibility features in new ad

A new advertisement about the iPhone and Apple has just appeared on the web. First broadcast on the brand’s YouTube channel, it should be visible on social networks and the small screen in the coming weeks.

Instead of praising the performance or photographic qualities of its latest iPhone, 14, Pro Apple has decided to focus on a completely different aspect of the phone. It is the functionalities around accessibility that are highlighted. In its video, Apple thus presents the detection of noise on the Apple Watch or the audio description of an image.

The ad features Spinifex Gum’s “I Am the Greatest” soundtrack (featuring the Marliya Choir). Apple has chosen to publish its video by enabling subtitles by default. Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has quickly become an important tool for accessibility.

Today, many features are designed in this direction, and Apple is one of the brands that work the most on this issue. In May of this year, the Cupertino company launched the “Live Caption” feature, which allows live captioning of a video or audio.

Apple and accessibility: a business that lasts

This solution adds to the long list of accessibility options available on the iPhone. With an Apple-branded phone, it is thus possible to activate the “magnifying glass” (see our guide here). This solution is widely used by the visually impaired.

For people with hearing problems, Apple has also developed a solution. As presented in the ad above, Apple devices are capable of recognizing sounds. This feature arrived with iOS 14 and quickly proved to be important. – Official app

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