Apple is running an ad that highlights accessibility with its products

Apple today released “The Greatest,” a new ad that highlights the accessibility found on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches. Several features in iOS, macOS and watchOS are highlighted.

Apple’s ad shows several people, including a woman with both arms amputated. She uses her voice to activate Siri and ask her to set a scene in the room she’s in. She also uses her feet to perform certain tasks with the iPhone screen. There is also a man in a wheelchair who uses voice control on the iPhone to go to such an application and perform such a task just with his voice.

Other people are featured in the ad, including a deaf woman with a baby nearby. Her Apple Watch tells her that her baby is crying so she knows and can handle it. There is also a blind man who uses his iPhone to indicate that a red jacket is present in front of him, as are doors.

“At Apple, we believe accessibility is a human right. Innovative features like door detection, sound recognition, voice control and more are designed to let you use your devices in the way that works best for you.”indicates the manufacturer in the description.

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