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Apple is not known for its promotional activities. On the occasion of Black Friday, however, it is possible to find some good offers at retailers. among the apple company’s flagship products. Here’s our pick of 5 essential Apple tips.

Apple MacBook Air M1 256 GB for €999

We no longer present the “affordable” ultrabook from Apple, the MacBook Air M1. The first in the series to integrate Apple’s “M” chips, it seduced us at the time and continues its momentum despite the release of a new version this year. Shown at 999 euros at FNAC, it is possible to lower the bill further thanks to the member discount (80€ in voucher, only this 18/11) and restoration of an old computer.

Apple iPad 9th generation for €349

No, it is not the latest iPad 10, but its predecessor, shown for Black Friday at 349 euros. A safe game that needs no introduction, with a rounded design that has stood the test of time. Special features of this model, it still has a headphone jack and the frame is made of 100% recycled aluminum. It’s the ultimate family iPad.

Apple iPhone 14 + AirPods 2 for €999

This Cdiscount offer includes two Apple products in one. On the one hand, the latest Apple iPhone 14 in 128 GB black and on the other, AirPods 2 wireless headphones, all for under 1000 euros. Also available in red and white.

AirPods Max Blue for €554

The AirPods Max headset is a fairly confidential product at Apple. It is about its high price (€629) and its bulky side compared to the very successful AirPods headphones. For enthusiasts though, it’s an excellent, comfortable and stylish headset whose active noise cancellation technology is truly impressive. Good news, the blue helmet is on sale for less than €560 right now.

Apple Watch Series 6 White WiFi + Cellular for €419

Almost as complete as a Series 8 in terms of features with the always-on screen, an S6 processor, the blood oxygen level sensor, the ECG app…, the Apple Watch Series 6 benefits from an interesting discount in this WiFi + Cellular version, offered for less than 420 euros.

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