Apple kills Dark Sky in two weeks, don’t get caught in the rain with these alternatives

As previously announced, weather app Dark Sky, which Apple acquired in 2020, is set to shut down on January 1, 2023. Ahead of this shutdown, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite alternative weather apps for iPhone and iPad…

Apple’s weather app

Since Apple acquired Dark Sky in 2020, it has implemented a number of Dark Sky features into the stock Weather app on iPhone (and now iPad and Mac). Thanks to these improvements, Apple’s Weather app is now more powerful and useful with a number of great features.

The Weather app has a modular design that dynamically adjusts based on the current weather conditions in your area. There are also detailed maps of things like rainfall and temperature. Similar to Dark Sky, Apple has also added real-time notification support to its Weather app. This indicates that you can receive hyperlocal notifications about rainfall in your area, including the start and end of that rainfall.

With this year’s software updates, the Weather app is now also available on iPad and Mac with many of the same features.

Weather Carrot

Carrot Weather mini-game and more

You can’t have an overview of weather apps without mentioning Carrot Weather. This is easily one of the most impressive and customizable weather apps for iPhone. You can choose from a variety of data sources and even link Carrot Weather to your own weather station if you wish:

Premium Club members can also use Dark Sky, AccuWeather, ClimaCell, MeteoGroup or AerisWeather as alternative data sources. Specific regional sources are also available: Environment Canada in Canada and WillyWeather in Australia.

Subscribers can also connect to data sourced from personal weather stations right in their backyard. WeatherFlow/Tempest and Netatmo stations are supported directly, while any station connecting to PWSweather can also be viewed in CARROT.

Carrot weather iOS 16 update

Carrot Weather has all the features you would expect from a weather app and more. The layout of the app is fully customizable, there are detailed maps for different types of data, you can view long-term forecast data and much more.

One of my favorite things about Carrot Weather is the collection of widgets for the home screen and lock screen. There are an infinite number of different options, and you can even change the design of widgets based on weather conditions and forecast updates. There is also deep integration with Live Activities on the lock screen and in the iPhone 14 Pro’s Live Island.

Carrot Weather is known for his sarcastic personality, putting a funny twist on the weather forecast and current conditions. But if it’s not something you’re interested in, you can easily turn it off and also get boring, impersonal descriptions.

You can download Carrot Weather from the App Store. If you’re looking for a Dark Sky replacement and can’t find the native Apple Weather app powerful enough, Carrot Weather can probably fill that void quite easily.


Apple will kill Dark Sky in two weeks, don't worry

AccuWeather is a household name in the weather industry, and there’s a reason why it usually tops the App Store charts. The AccuWeather app offers a great experience on iPhone and iPad with design customization options, real-time alerts, detailed forecast information and more.

One of the most useful parts of the AccuWeather app is its advanced weather radar features. These allow you to see long-term data with radar views for water vapor, precipitation, sustained winds, and even storm surge. Other AccuWeather features include:

  • Live weather forecast – including MinuteCast forecast for minute-by-minute precipitation updates
  • Local weather – including severe weather alerts, temperature, precipitation and allergy forecasts for your day
  • WinterCast: winter weather forecast – gives you advanced warnings about the probability and accumulation of snowfall
  • Daily forecast – includes options for rain, cloud cover, wind, live radar, air quality index, snowfall and even UV index
  • Advanced Weather Radar – gives you up-to-date views tracking storms, snow, rain, ice, temperature changes and more
  • RealFeel Technology and RealFeel Shade Temperature™ – help you get a better sense of what the weather really feels like

You can download AccuWeather for free from the App Store with in-app purchases for premium features.

weather band

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Weather Strip is an app for iPhone, iPad and Mac with a unique twist. The app is known for its one-week hourly view, which “shows you the entire forecast at a glance, so you can choose the best times to get out sooner.” The app also offers some very useful home screen and lock screen widgets based on this data.

Use the interactive map to see weather forecasts for any location in the world, including mountains, trails, lakes, and literally anywhere you place a cursor.

Severe weather alerts appear right on the forecast timeline, so you can see exactly when danger is expected, including storms, fires, hurricanes, floods, landslides and anything else tracked by NOAA meteorologists.

Weather Strip is completely free for two weeks, after which you can subscribe with an in-app purchase. Download it from the App Store.

More options

Apart from these, there are a host of other weather apps in the App Store with different features and options. Here is an overview of the most popular options:

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