Apple Music Sing: this feature will delight karaoke fans!

Apple Music fans have been waiting for this new feature for a while: the arrival of karaoke with Apple Music Sing.

The music streaming application is expanding its offerings and will soon offer Apple Music song, a kind of tailor-made karaoke. MCE participated in the demo of this new feature!

Exclusive interviews and shows

Apple Music is full of songs, playlists, shows and interviews. Moreover, the biggest stars all pass this music streaming platform to promote themselves.

In fact, the world stars are interviewed by Zane Lowe. In France, it is T-Miss who receives the French artists. On Apple Music there is also Mehdi Maïzi’s show, CODE Radio.

Last year, Apple Music celebrated its 40th anniversary in France. A radio studio was set up in Paris for the occasion. Furthermore, it is in this new framework that the host T-Miss and rap journalist Mehdi Maïzi doing their interviews.

Thus, they benefit from the same premises as the Apple Music studios in New York, Los Angeles or London. In short, the application is implemented in all major cities in the world.

Apple does not stop at such a good way to satisfy its subscribers. Since the end of November, they can listen to the songs they have played the most in 2022. The experience replay allowing everyone to delve back into their best songs listened to throughout the year.

It is well known that the end of the year is synonymous with Christmas, Advent calendar, musical or photographic retrospect. To end the year well, Apple Music therefore pulls out with a perfect news for the new year. MCE tells you more!

Apple Music Sing: this feature will delight karaoke fans!

What does Apple Music Sing, the new special karaoke feature, offer?

Apple Music will go further with Sing! Because in addition to already setting the lyrics to certain songs, it will be possible to sing at the same time and adjust your voice. Just that !

The opportunity for all singing fans to make duets with great artists. The advent of real-time lyric viewing has allowed subscribers to sing along with artists, so why not record your voice along. As this feature is one of the most popular in Apple Musicthis Sing news is just in time!

This new feature will offer several things. As Adjustable voices, the possibility to control his voice level or put his voice in the place of the artist. Live lyrics will also be changed so they will be animated in time with the song.

The voices in the background, they will animate without taking over the display of the main texts. Duo screen, it will be possible to sing in Duo from Apple Music Sing.

Apple Music Sing should be available at the end of the month. Just in time to revise a few songs before the New Year. For all subscribers to enjoy, more than 50 dedicated playlists will appear for the official launch.

This news can therefore be read on all compatible iPhones and iPads, but also on Apple TV 4K. The class! For now, it will not be available on Mac.

Apple therefore spoils its subscribers at the end of the year. Nice, right?

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