Apple promotes Apple Fitness+ with full landing page

Apple is kicking off the new year with an effort to attract new Apple Fitness+ subscribers by updating the website’s home page with a full takeover promoting the monthly subscription fitness service, which is definitely aimed at those whose New Year’s resolution is to stay in shape and active in 2023.

Excerpted from the ad “Now all you need is the iPhone”.published last year then Apple dropped the requirement to own an Apple Watch to subscribe to Apple Fitness+ with the release of iOS 16.1the full spread on website shows subscribers exercising by following guided workouts on their iPhones and highlights that everyone should “Start your year with Apple Fitness+.”

Available in 21 countries around the world, the monthly paid service provides access to studio-style training on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Using the training features of the Apple Watch, the service integrates personal metrics such as heart rate and calories burned into sessions on the screen, making the classes personal and interactive.

Start your year with Apple Fitness+. Choose from 11 workout types, from HIIT to yoga. And the meditations too. With new workouts and meditations added every week, from 5 to 45 minutes. Go ahead with Apple Watch.

Apple Fitness+ workouts include high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, yoga, dance, core, cycling, pilates, meditation, treadmill (for running and walking), rowing and mindful recovery.

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