Apple pushes Dark Sky fans to the Weather app

As we announced a few months ago, weather app Dark Sky, acquired by Apple in 2020, is officially shutting down in less than two weeks. While there are a number of popular alternatives, Apple has released a new support document explaining why Dark Sky users should upgrade to the native weather app on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Dark Sky’s closure is imminent

In the support document, Apple points out that many Dark Sky features “have been integrated into Apple Weather.” The company says this includes things like hyperlocal forecasts for your current location, including next-hour rainfall, hourly forecasts for the next 10 days, high-resolution radar and notifications.

The rest of the support document aims to guide Dark Sky users through the features and design of the app that comes with iOS 16. Apple details the various features of the app using maps, managing notifications, etc.

Despite Apple’s promises, however, some users are not convinced that Apple’s app can replace Dark Sky. In a recent Reddit thread, a number of Dark Sky users claim that the native app still lags behind Dark Sky in terms of data, notifications, etc.

What interests me the most are the real-time forecasts – like “it will stop raining in 10 minutes and then it will start again in 45 minutes”. I found Dark Sky to be excellent for this. Apple is slightly smaller. This link doesn’t relate to the type of forecast I’m interested in. (Which I can use to help me decide exactly when to commute by bike… often waiting 15 minutes can make a big difference to get going).

I dread January 1st. Dark Sky has been my favorite weather app for many years. I’m trying to get used to the Weather, but it doesn’t give me what I need without using drop down menus. Not to mention the lack of weather event notifications.

But keep in mind that the reliability of each weather app can vary wildly from place to place. Much of the Apple Weather app is based on data from Dark Sky, so there’s little reason for the app to be less accurate than the latter was.

In fact, one Reddit user even points out that Dark Sky was “notoriously inaccurate in most places.” There are a number of other factors that play into the reliability of weather data and notifications, and it’s important to try several different apps to get a feel for which one is most accurate for your location.

This could be a YMMV type situation. I migrated from Dark Sky to Apple’s weather app and the weather alerts seem pretty accurate to me. It feels like Apple has simply integrated Dark Sky’s core functionality into its standard weather app while ditching its user interface.

Dark Sky is set to close on January 1, 2023. If you’re looking for a replacement, consider the original application, but also AccuWeather, Yahoo Weather, or The Weather Channel.

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