Apple TV+ changes strategy with the addition of movies other than original content

With Apple TV+, the Apple company is promoting a SVOD service with unique of original content : movie, series and documentary film. That strategy now usually evolveto bring closer of to of traditional actors of the sector (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc.). So catalog starts to decorate of contents which is not does not Made in Apple ; but comes directly complete that Exit by some original productions.

Apple TV+ has its own credo compared to Netflix and other SVOD services. In fact, the platform only offers original Apple series and movies. However, the strategy has not been the same for a few months.

In fact, the month of September 2022 marked the arrival of five films by Sidney Poitier on Apple TV+ on the occasion of the release of the original documentary Sidney. In November, the Apple company repeated this pattern by offering a collection of Jennifer Lawrence movies for the arrival of the original Apple movie Causeway.

TechRadar has also pointed out that “a number of licensed films that do not belong to the company” have been added to the Apple TV+ service in the US. The US media also mentions that these third-party movies are offered as bonuses for original Apple TV+ content, including Spirited, MythicQuest and Causeway. Just over twenty films are listed (examples: Semi-professional, old-fashioned or Van Wilder).

Please note that these non-original Apple TV+ movies will be available on the streaming service for a limited time. In addition, some of them will disappear after November 30, 2022. Currently, the rollout of third-party films has not yet been exported to countries other than the United States.

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