Apple TV + wouldn’t even exceed 4% of the streaming market?

Streaming platforms are proliferating and some have struggled to survive! The latest news, Apple TV does not pass the 4%!

Scorching numbers for Apple TV! Médiamétrie released streaming platform Audience during the year. Without surprise, Netflix dominates the French market… But the 4% of the company at the apple hurts. MCETV explains everything!

Netflix alone in the lead

Because France consumes streaming. But probably not in the same way as elsewhere. Thus could the platform that arrives on the second step of the podium in France surprise more than one American: this is MyCanal.

It must also be said that Canal+ exclusively publishes series and films. But even with its number 2 spot, the platform pales in comparison to Netflix. The streaming leader earns 68%. The other is barely 12. And what about Apple TV…

The platform has yet managed to make buzz several times. We think of first The morning show with a Jennifer Aniston brilliant as a journalist. Then to the documentary about Selena Gomez…by Selena Gomez. Except the singer isn’t enough.

In fact, the French remain more focused on the giants of streaming than on Apple TV. The subsidiary does not even find its place in the graph published by Hi Safe which shows the market shares in France. An ultra short dominated by Netflix.

While the platform still raises prices, and creates a subscription with ads to start, no one can challenge him for his leadership in France. But between 2014 and 2022, the price of a premium account still took 6 euros.

Apple TV: the hope to exist?

Take effect, the premium account cost 11.99 euros in 2014. To qualify you must now pay 17.99. A gap that caused quite a few customers to leave… but not enough to bring Netflix down to less than two-thirds of the market share in France!

While the big red N lost enough subscribers to start a restructuring, other platforms need to worry. Because even in the loss of speed, Netflix continues to crush Prime Video, Disney + and other Apple TV…

Although the apple company trying to release original content to convince the public, nothing works. At least in France. Because in the US, the iPhone, iPad and all their derivatives have a well-established place. The users could therefore be more.

But at a time when Paramount+ also comes to market, Apple TV must find its place. Unless it doesn’t bet on France? Because with the figures that the company succeeds in France, not sure that it will be able to pay the operating costs.

Especially since the subscription costs only €6.99 per month. Despite this ridiculous price compared to other companies, it hasn’t exceeded 4%… And Netflix even just tried another shot at the market with its 5.99 accounts through ads.

Netflix has increased its subscription by 41% in eight years and its market shares remain at their highest. Maybe the arrival of Paramount+ on the market will change something? Netflix may not have the most to lose.

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