Apple Watch saved the life of a teenager who fell 45 meters

Smit Nilesh Metha, 17-year-old June was hiking with friends when heavy rain made the path slippery. Surprised by the weather conditions, the group tried to return as quickly as possible. In a rush, Metha fell into the ravine next to the path.

Ultimately, the fall will be 45 meters before Metha gets stuck in the bushes below. Conscious, he tries to call for help, but with the flood his friends cannot hear him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have his phone, which he left in his friend’s bag.

His Apple Watch saved his life

But luckily for him, he has an Apple Watch Series 7 on his wrist. He manages to contact his friends and then his parents before the emergency services find him thanks to the watch. From there, Metha is taken to the nearest hospital. Severely affected in both ankles, he will undergo several operations and it will be months before he can walk again.

Very fortunate to have been found so quickly, Metha would personally thank Tim Cook, Apple boss for the creation of the connected watch, an invention that undoubtedly saved the life or at least the legs of the young man. In a quick letter, Tim Cook replied to the young man.

“I am so glad you are on the road to recovery. It looks like a terrible accident. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.”

Apple Watch: make calls anywhere anytime

Being able to make calls from an Apple Watch is often seen as a primary function of the Apple Watch. Even the Apple brand no longer properly communicates this option. However, it is the most effective solution to prevent contingency in case of a problem.

With the latest Apple Watch Series 8, it is even possible to make calls from “white” areas using the connection of a satellite in orbit. This feature should make it possible to make calls from any region of the world. – Official app

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