Apple Watch Ultra: first (mini) promotions

Amazon starts selling the Apple Watch Ultra. But as the title indicates, it is still symbolic. The kind that allows you to appear in pole position in price comparisons, but without giving up anything or almost anything. Not one to induce impulse buys.

The Apple Watch Ultra with size L Alpine Buckle strap is now priced at €982, that is €17 less than the public price.

Not enough to rub your hands on the purchase, but it’s a start. For the past few days, Amazon has been peeling back, with the patience of a monk, the price of Ultras. Some models were set at 1, 2 or even 3 euros less. Not much more. That is, the jump today.

For other products, there is now the Apple price and the seller’s. For example, Apple sells AirPods Max for €629, while other brands prefer it at a maximum of €579. This became the unofficial public course. AirTags in sets of 4 have gone from €119 to €129 at the Apple Store, but they can almost always be found elsewhere for €112 at Amazon.

This new model of the Apple Watch has not yet been drawn into a spiral of promotions. The question is therefore still open to know what is available to sellers. How far can the label roll before stabilizing.


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