Apple will no longer be able to release an iPhone without USB-C from December 2024!

It’s official, the USB-C port will be integrated into the next iPhone from December 2024! More news from Apple!

More news from Apple! The company has decided to no longer release iPhones without USB-C from December 2024! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Apple is developing new iPhones

This year, Apple did well with the release of the iPhone 14. A very elegant phone thanks to its stainless steel or aluminum contours. There are also more colors like light purple! A model that immediately caused a stir among customers.

iPhone 14 is also very powerful and powerful. In addition to having larger sensors that allow for better photos and videos, there are also good storage. This one has nothing to do with the other Apple models.

As a reminder, the iPhone 13 can store up to 128 GB of data. But things are different with the pro and pro max models. Now it is possible to have up to 1TB files.

One thing is for sure, you won’t run out of space on Apple’s phone at all. Note thoughs that its price shares customers. Few are ready for it put a minimum wage in a simple phone.

Let’s hope Apple’s next model isn’t that expensive! Moreover, the Cupertino company has already worked on the next iPhone 15 model. According to our colleagues from FrAndroid, so there will be a USB-C port.

The next models will have the USB-C port

It’s official, Apple will no longer be able to release an iPhone without USB-C from December 2024! Oh yes! The European Union has therefore chosen the date of December 28, 2024 as the deadline for builders.

So there will no longer be an iPhone without a USB-C port for charging. This is what The Verge then states, relayed by Frandroid. It is specified that the text will be updated 20 days after publication.

According to our colleagues from 20 minutes: “The member states therefore have two years to put it in place, which postpones the deadline to December 28, 2024. Until then, no exact date was known, although autumn 2024 or the end of that year had been mentioned . »

So the question arises, iPhone 15 will it have a usb-c port ? Chances are. Apple could therefore offer two types of USB-C ports on the iPhone 15. A standard and a Plus model for the Pro variants.

The expert Ming-Chi Kuo is sure of this, so Apple will say goodbye to the Lightning connector on its iPhone 15 to switch to USB-C: “On the two high-end models, the USB-C port would actually hide a port offering at least USB 3.2 (20 Gbit/s) or even Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gbit/s) speeds” he declares.

On social networks, loyal customers Apple is already challenging this decision. As you can see below, some have even decided to ban the brand!

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