Apple would be wise to copy the good ideas of the new Alexa Pro remote

Remote controls are a necessary evil, but the worst thing about using them is losing them! Who hasn’t wasted precious time looking for that damn phone that was finally hot in the belly baby Dog? Amazon has solved this vital problem with the new Alexa Pro Remote.

Sold for €39.99, the accessory is actually equipped with a positioning function! By throwing off the cuff” Alexa, find my remote », bim, it will emit a ringtone through its speaker. It is also possible to press the location button in the Fire TV application (if you have not lost your smartphone).

If only Apple had thought to throw a U1 chip into the Siri Remote, we could have gotten something even better with the Quick Locate feature. But it was Amazon that first launched this niche. The Alexa Pro phone is compatible with most Fire TV devices, but also with many TVs, soundbars or audio-video receivers.

As a bonus – and here again Apple would have been well inspired to do the same – the Amazon accessory includes two programmable keys for quick access to your favorite content (channels, applications) as well as Alexa commands (for example to activate a home automation scene like will dim the light). The buttons also have the good taste of being backlit.


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