Are we made to live as a couple? scientific answers

Ahh love. Find our half and make it our priority. Live with her the most important moments of our lives. Love him more than reason. In short, find a life partner. On paper, it’s dreamy. In truth, a number of small everyday things can make us disillusioned, even asking ourselves ” are we made to live as a couple? Well, know that this is a theme that science has looked into.

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Living together, one thing for everyone… or not

Society wants us to end our lives together. It can even sometimes make us complex not to live in a relationship. But life as a couple is not always made for everyone. That’s actually what the professor of chemistry and columnist Norman Voyer. According to him, it is a very difficult scientific question to determine whether humans are created to live together or not. For good reasons, man is subject to various factors that influence his behavior in relation to life as a couple. Proven chemical processes explain the lightning strike phenomenon. “ It exists in reality and it is called love-passion says Normand Voyer. Falling in love is coming under the influence of the four molecules of love at first sight, which then take control of the brain. However, these molecules that make us live what is called love at first sight only last a short time (18 months). ” From 18 months, there are fewer and fewer molecules of love at first sight. […] After four years, it’s over says the chemist.

It is at the end of this period that man decides whether he can live together or not. ” It is a recognized pathology; people who have a love at first sight addiction reveals the scientist. Because? After the love at first sight period, which can last up to four years, a new molecule takes over: oxytocin or the attachment hormone, which is a powerful muscle relaxant. Suddenly, some people experience this as a lack of passion and then look for a new partner to relive the crazy love of love at first sight.

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