Armatis, Comearth, Pazzi Robotics, Tessi… Christmas purchases and gifts in the BPO, CRM, RPA department

Despite all their efforts and assistance from recognized investment banks, a number of companies specializing in customer relations, BPO or automation of certain tasks (a subject that fascinates) have not found buyers this year or have been on the market for a short time. Are they at a good price in relation to their value and the price that their owners want, that is another question. Discover the Christmas list prepared by En-Contact and some information about these beautiful toys that are not necessarily within the reach of all budgets.

HLD has so far failed to sell Tessi at the expected price (which exceeds one billion). A new head of department was recently appointed, Jérôme Hervé, formerly of BCG, now chairman of the Tessi Supervisory Board. Our little finger tells us that a sale per apartment is imminent.

Comearth, a recognized service provider, especially for the services it provides on behalf of the Eiffel Tower or Tous Anti-Covid or Veepee, is a good file still in the market. He is an investment banker accustomed to the BPO sector who has the mandate and will be available on his mobile phone next week. It will also end in the Nice sector. More info about Coearth and the Eiffel Tower here.

Laura Michel, World Pizza Champion – credit En-Contact

Pizza remains one of the French’s favorite products: we also tested “Sortie 15” in Alby-sur-Chéran, the pizzeria run by Laura Michel, the new pizza world champion. The sad spirits will tell you that there are so many championships and prize lists in every field that being champion no longer means much, but that is none of our business. What is for sale and has value: the assets of Pazzi Robotics, an incredible company, (to which Thierry Graffagnino, three-time pizza world champion, was associated) but unfortunately failed to complete its last fundraising efforts. One of the former partners would be interested in taking over the assets. To be continued… because anything that allows automation is at the heart of customer experience or culinary experiences.

Armatis: if in 2022, 36 years after the first Top Gun, Tom Cruise managed to install his second opus at the top of the box office (6 million admissions in France and 1.3 billion in revenue worldwide), then regardless of your age , and even though the projects are sometimes delayed (the film was supposed to be released in 2020), nothing is ever lost or impossible. In 2023, Denis Akriche will manage, we hope, to break the sound barrier. The best sales in the sector.

See you in February 2023 for issue 127 of En-Contact in the “Business” section. Until then, find out why Poland is still at the forefront, in customer service or in hairdressing: the next Cahiers de l’Expérience client will be dedicated to the emperor of hairdressing, Antoine Cierplikowski, from Paris. Find out here why Antoine deserved to have a special issue dedicated to him and Netflix, soon a movie.

Armatis acquires a new site in Poland dedicated exclusively to Canal+.

French company Armatis, one of the leaders in customer relationship outsourcing, expands its international presence with the acquisition of a twenty-first site in Katowice, Poland. This 1,300 m2 site with 200 workstations employs more than 160 people and is exclusively dedicated to Canal Plus activities: managing customer service, renewing and selling subscriptions. The employees will join the 1,000 current employees in the Armatis Polska subsidiary distributed across the group’s four locations: Warsaw, Krakow, Stalowa Wola and Bielsko-Biała. The site was previously managed directly by Canal Plus.

En-Contact and customer relations are an old story! Attached is the cover of Canal Plus’ internal customer relations magazine, En-Contact magazine No. 126 and Cahiers de l’Expérience Client No. 6

Krzysztof Lewiński, Managing Director of Armatis Polska, comments: “We are proud of this development and of the trust given to Canal +, the result of unfailing cooperation over the past seven years. »
Sonia Serfaty, director of international at Armatis, explains Poland’s strategic importance in Armatis’ international offer: “The quality of the employment pool is reflected both in great cultural proximity to Western companies and a high-quality multilingualism that integrates more than 11 European languages. Poland offers a very high level, qualified and highly competitive workforce, making it an optimal hiring pool for companies seeking a very high quality of service for their customer relationships.This acquisition brings the number of Armatis locations abroad to 10 and demonstrates its desire to expand in thriving and dynamic regions.

It is the great dynamic spring cleaning of the former Stefi Conseil, which has become one of the French-speaking leaders in this market: Armatis has just undergone its branding at the same time: visual identity and website.

On his side, Canal Plus International is second to none: on the African continent, where the pay-TV group is very successful, more than 4 customer service sites have been or will be opened. Here too they will be managed by an outsourced customer service provider: Vipp-Interstis was chosen as the service provider to open and create 4 dedicated customer relationship centers: in Benin, Togo, Rwanda and soon in Ethiopia. Vipp-Interstis will explain its African adventure during TangerCx Forum, in May.

To go further, read one of the rare interviews Denis Akriche, one of the Citizen Kanes in the sector.

Photo of a: Vipp Interstis in Yaoundé (Cameroon) – credit © Edouard Jacquinet

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