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Starred restaurants and exclusive addresses await you from one region to another in this annual best gastronomy. Fine palates, sweet tooth, oenophiles and lovers of beautiful stories are cordially invited to take a culinary road trip for an appetizer rich in promise… while waiting for 2023.

The George Restaurant*, Grand Hotel Parker’s, Naples

We begin our gastronomic tour anchored in Naples, a rebellious and aesthetic city. Two performances that are in no way contradictory in this exuberant city. Built as a promontory on the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas, the capital of southern Italy is full of recipes from the maritime region. Some highlight Neapolitan cuisine as a “poor cuisine” due to the predominance of simple ingredients such as tomatoes, flour, fried vegetables. Naples likes to answer – rightly – that it has given the country and the world the famous pizza whose culinary significance we know! The local chefs are therefore doubly obliged to prove that the destination also offers calibrated dishes for gourmets such as Chef Domenico Candela at the helm of the Michelin-starred George restaurant at the Grand Parker’s Hotel.

Fruit of his initial travels and love for the Neapolitan terroir, chef Domenico Candela has imagined a menu full of flavor © George Restaurant

In this very popular speech, we form a completely different opinion by embarking on a true epicurean journey around Campania. A region revisited by the chef with strict respect for seasonality. Among his signature dishes, the exquisite dish of spaghetti al pomodoro simmered in a sauce with seven varieties of juicy, sweet, colorful tomatoes. All flavored with basil and a drizzle of homemade olive oil. It’s an incredible explosion of flavor in your mouth, you won’t taste pasta like this twice! A delicious version with truffles awaits lovers of the black diamond.

The art of dressage is also on the agenda! © George Restaurant

One of the secrets of this disciple of Yannick Alléno and Anne-Sophie Pic lies in the perfect mastery of sauces, which he acts as a “master perfumer”…Italy obliges, you will be seated in a majestically decorated between marble, sculptures and works of art . The most beautiful of them? The panoramic view of the Bay of Naples…

Ossiano Restaurant*, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Atlantis, this hotel with such a distinctive silhouette, is not only a water kingdom where children from all over the world flock. The establishment located on The Palm, an artificial island in the shape of a coconut tree, has one of the highest concentrations of star chefs per square meter in the Emirate. Nobu, Gordon Ramsay, ultra media hats closely followed by a Frenchman with wind in his sails, Chef Gregoire Berger. The native Breton has established himself brilliantly on Dubai’s culinary scene by taking the helm of the Ossiano restaurant, an extraordinary place in the image of his city. The guest is invited to immerse himself ten meters deep to sit down in one of the largest aquariums available. When eating becomes a real sensory experience!

Chef Grégoire Berger, recently awarded a Michelin star, has become one of the best ambassadors of Breton cuisine © Atlantis The Palm

Chef Grégoire Berger crowned with his first Michelin star this year for the arrival of the famous red guide in the city-state, imagined a gastronomic road trip 20 thousand leagues under the sea. Its progressive cuisine celebrates the riches of the sea and coastal lands through a tasting menu of nine to eleven dishes. ” Once the client is seated, I invite them to forget the outside world and join me on an immersive and emotional journey where nothing is what it seems. », entrusts the recipient of the title 2022 of « hat of the year in Dubai by Gault and Millau.

The French toque offers us a truly immersive sensory experience © Ossiano Restaurant Atlantis The Palm

Each dish has several readings. The first visual, it encourages the gaze to contemplate. The plates are presented as culinary paintings, where the ingredients fit together, sublimate each other. Langoustines bathed in their yuzu miso juice, flame-roasted leeks served with clams, king lobsters… By the glow of a bluish light, your eyes riveted on the elegant ballet of rays, sharks and shoals of fish, you will experience a fantastic moment of Epicureanism.

Atlantis The Palm also stands out as a gastronomic destination ©

Saoke, Joali Muravandhoo, Maldives

Escape the sun, live barefoot, keep your tan, as if to mock winter better! The Maldivian postcard is even more dreamy in this period of great cold. However, Paradis is no longer enough to ‘satisfy’ the regular clientele in search of increasingly specialized and memorable experiences. Joali resort understood that when it set foot in the Indian Ocean four years ago. Its owner, the Turkish businesswoman Esin Güral Argat, put gastronomy on a pedestal. that sake restaurant is a destination within the destination. This architectural masterpiece set up on stilts drives us to the borders of Japan with its map drawn according to the rules of art. Black cod that melts in your mouth, tuna tartare with caviar, fish ceviche, superb wagyu beef and omakase menus that allow for an exhaustive tasting of the dishes are masterfully explored by the chef and his team.

Five-star culinary journey to the borders of Japan without leaving the Maldives archipelago © Joali Resort Saoké Restaurant

Considered the best Japanese table in the archipelago, Saoké restaurant also stands out for its luxurious design, designed by architect Noriyoshi Muramatsu following a Japanese aesthetic. Fine wood, impressive counter, subdued lighting, you enter through a long corridor lined with shelves of precious sake. The glazed floor cancels the land/sea boundary to better enjoy the natural spectacle: in front of your eyes blacktip reef sharks, manta rays wander between the corals in the colors of the rainbow. You will experience a magical night in the middle of the sea… Many times awarded, especially by the prestigious ones Forbes travel guideJoali attracts gourmets from the hotels of the neighboring islands, who do not hesitate to make the trip to connect the five stars located in the Raa Atoll.

We come from the neighboring islands to discover the Japanese cuisine in the Saoké restaurant © Joali Muravandhoo Maldives

Aesthetes are also sensitive to the many works of art scattered throughout like an open-air gallery.

Grand Vefour, Paris

Landing in Paris, in the capital of gastronomy, in other words a significant step. At the bottom of the Palais-Royal garden, a sign stamped with the seal of eternity invites us to pause. This institution of tricolor gastronomy rattles with a thousand and one echoes. Since 1784, the Grande Dame has seen all the personalities who have characterized their time: Victor Hugo, Marcel Pagnol, Colette, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir or Jean Cocteau. The restaurant can definitely claim the title of the most comprehensive guestbook in France, there would be no protestors…

The Parisian institution is a monument in itself © Le Grand Véfour

In the 21st century, Le Grand Véfour is still part of the circuit of foodies who want to acquire a bit of the legend, immortalize themselves on the red velvet armchairs, take a stand with c.stars Guy Martin and revel in the great classics from French cuisine.

Chef Guy Martin has been betting on bistronomy since the end of 2020 © Le Grand Véfour

The address took a much-publicized turn by choosing at the end of 2020 to democratize its menu, thus ending a long chapter dedicated to haute cuisine. Some purists remain inconsolable, but it is clear that this end of the cycle has precisely made it possible to reconnect with the origins, when the chic bistro was All-Paris canteen. Today, the saga continues thanks to Guy Martin, who is always well inspired. We run to taste his pan-fried cod on the skin, with parsley root in emulsion and sautéed with a flat parsley jus, his butternut risotto, parmesan cream and black sesame seeds and his cold watercress soup with lemongrass.

Vanilla éclair, probably the best you will ever taste! © Le Grand Véfour

As for the dessert, you will taste the best vanilla éclair in Paris! The mandarin, pear and nutmeg tart, kalamansi, wasabi lemon sorbet is the other house creation you absolutely must try. Grand Véfour, new growth, does not fail in its promise to please discerning palates.

Sachi Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

In this city holiday city, we stop at Mandarin Oriental to satisfy an irresistible craving for sushi and omakase bites. that sachi restaurant, a name meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘luck’, has made a name for itself in Geneva’s gastronomic landscape in a matter of months. In a zen atmosphere, guests are invited to sit around the open kitchen Boss Mitsu Tsukada to fill up on sensations and aromas. Just like “in the country”, an armada in traditional uniforms performs the art of ‘teppanyaki’, a technique that consists of grilling beautiful pieces of meat and fish on a plate. Wonderful demonstration of show cooking who participate in the magic of this exotic moment. A la carte or after a 6, 8 or 10 course menu, all your Japanese wishes will be fulfilled and even surpassed!

Show Japanese-style cooking experience in the heart of Geneva at Sachi Restaurant © Mandarin Oriental Geneva

First, you will see that the code word is generosity; the plates overflow while remaining refined. Listen to the butlers, whose every recommendation will leave you with a smile on your face. Among the acclaimed creations are the tuna tartare sprinkled with Sologne caviar and bathed in wasabi soy sauce; fried spiny lobster with shiso lemon sauce; stone prawns in a spicy creamy sauce and black cod, one of the chef’s specialties. It’s high-end cuisine, and with good reason, Chef Mitsu was christened by Japanese Emperor Nobu Matsuhisa, who whispered his name to the Mandarin Oriental Geneva.

The Sunday brunch is an excellent introduction to discovering the © Sachi Restaurant menu

If he continues on this momentum, let’s bet he’ll get his first badge during the next harvest! Meanwhile, we spread the word to spend a divine moment.

Further :

The George Restaurant*, Grand Hotel Parker’s Vittorio Emanuele 135

80121 Naples – Italy

Ossiano Restaurant*

Atlantis Hotel The Palm


Saoke Restaurant

Joali resort Muravandhoo

Raa Atoll – Maldives

Grand Vefour

17 rue de Beaujolais
Paris 1

Sachi Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental

Turrettini Pier 1

1201 Geneva – Switzerland

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