Atypical dishes: pizza with girumon from Yohann Serret

Pizzas are his specialty. But not just any, artisanal pizzas with local flavors. Yohann Serret, the founder of Yo l’Artisan, is not afraid to explore. It is also the innovation of his menu that allowed him to make a name for himself. Last year, after six years of operation, Pit-za Pitstop, located in Moka, revised its image to call itself Yo L’Artisan. It is its quirky menu that seduces with pizzas that are out of the ordinary, especially eggplant salted fish pizza with honey or pumpkin pizza or even smoked pizza.

Yohann Serret has worked in the restaurant and hotel industry for 20 years. He was 18 when he participated in the opening of Casa Pizza, one of the first pizzerias in Moka, before joining the Hotel School. He then flew to England where he got the opportunity to work in a 3-star Michelin restaurant and returned to Mauritius. Hotel, table d’hôte, restaurant, he will work as a restaurant consultant before deciding to turn to entrepreneurship. He opened his pizzeria on July 7, 2017 and made a name for himself.

Its menu has since evolved with creative suggestions. “The idea was to offer a menu that you can’t find anywhere else. And I admit that our pizzas surprised more than one. People didn’t dare to taste, so we put small pieces in for tastings. Today they come back just for that. “The pizzas are baked in a gas oven. “It’s the oven that belonged to Casa Pizza 20 years ago and that I bought,” he explains.

In addition to pizzas, Yohann Serret has also introduced “gourmet burgers” consisting of fresh products such as arugula, mushrooms, caramelized onions, homemade cheddar sauce, truffles or bacon.

Its Yo L’Artisan restaurant can accommodate 22 people, by reservation only. Two other branches opened in October this year, including Yo Express at Caudan Waterfront and Yo Bistrot in Port-Louis. “Yo Express offers ‘on the go’ dishes, while Yo Bistrot offers a different concept with a live band and happy hours. But above all, a more extensive menu with a wider selection of dishes, always different. Especially beef cheek cooked for 20 hours, beef confit. Everything is homemade. »

New, always atypical dishes will be on the menu for next year.


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