Audience: Correct score for the documentary event “Johnny by Laëticia” on the M6

On Thursday evening, TF1 led the audience with the launch of the fiction “Open Heart Investigation”. The family drama that brings together the cast of Claire Keim, who already showed “Sign after the heart” at the start of the school year on the same channel, and Pierre-François Martin-Laval, gathered 3.05 million fans of the genre before the two of the three episodes , which was offered last night, or 15.8% of the public and 16.8% of female purchasing managers under 50 (FRDA-50). On Thursday, October 27, the launch of “Addict” piqued the curiosity of 3.41 million viewers, or 18.2% of the public.

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Audience: What results for season 2 of the series "Read invisibles"  on France 2?


Audience: What results for season 2 of the series “Les invisibles” on France 2?

A gain of one million viewers for “Cash Investigation”

France 2 is number two with “Cash Investigation”. Élise Lucet’s program, with the theme “Hold-up on social security: who benefits from fraud?”, informed 2.66 million viewers, or 13.8% of the public (10.9% of FRDA -50). For the previous broadcast, on 20 October 2022, the program had attracted 1.71 million viewers (9.6% of the public and 11.0% of FRDA-50). The program was then devoted to the theme “Companies, Sponsorships, Associations: Dangerous Connections”.

M6 climbs to the podium with the documentary event “Johnny by Laëticia”, broadcast on the occasion of the five years since the ex-idol of the youth disappeared. The 47-year-old widow returned to the great moments of Jean-Philippe Smet’s life and career to the delight of 2.74 million viewers between 21:14 and 21:59. The second part, scheduled between 21:59 and 23:06, moved 2.40 million fans (13.7% of the public). For the evening as a whole, M6 had an audience share of 17.2% on FRDA-50. This allows it to be a leader on this important target for the channel.

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Short for France 5 and TMC, in front of France 3

The documentary “Expedition Petra, on the trail of the Nabataeans” interested 1.19 million curious people on France 5 (5.9% of the public and 1.8% of FRDA-50). The mindless repeat of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” attracted 1.17 million Daniel Radcliffe fans on TMC, that is 7.0% of the public and above all 15.3% of FRDA-50! A box !

France 3 is largely behind with the series finale in the rebroadcast “La Garçonne”. Fiction with Laura Smet attracted an average of 1.13 million viewers, or 5.8% of the public (1.1% of FRDA-50). Last week, the series averaged just 1.31 million viewers, representing 6.6% of the audience (1.3% of FRDA-50).

What about other channels? The return of “La grosse rigolade” on C8 made 929,000 fans of Cyril Hanouna laugh between 21:14 and 21:48, or 4.5% of the public (7.3% of FRDA-50). “The Great Fun, It Continues”, broadcast in full swing until 11/23, entertained 817,000 people (4.7% of the public and 6.2% of FRDA-50). The previous issue of the show dated back to October 29, 2020, the day before the second lockdown. It had amassed 710,000 valve enthusiasts or 3.3% of the public (4.3% of FRDA-50).

Vincent Lagaf’ down at RMC Découverte, Bruno Roblès weak at NRJ 12

At RMC Découverte, the unreleased “SOS Garage”, for the first time in its short history airing on a more traditional prime-time program, captured 454,000 mechanic enthusiasts for a 2.3% share of the overall audience. Last Thursday, the program presented jointly by Vincent Lagaf’ and Thierry Muscat had entertained 634,000 viewers (3.8% of the public).

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On NRJ 12, Bruno Roblès presented the first edition of “Masters of Laughter” in front of 283,000 viewers, or 1.4% of the public.

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