Ayem Nour and the kidnapping of his son Ayvin: serious and false accusations by the father, revelations about the case

That’s not all! In the Instagram story, in addition to having called his ex-boyfriend “witch“, Vincent Miclet shared the story of a blogger who explained why, according to him, Ayem Nour had made the choice to restore her son behind his father’s back. The netizen in question assured that she had “removed“his son, because Vincent Miclet had made up his mind for him”cut her small pension of 5K, with which she pays her debts and the rent of her country houseClaims that the former candidate of Secret history did’nt answer.

Ayem Nour soon back in France with her son?

But according to our information, the truth would be different. Vincent Miclet and Ayem Nour had agreed to share custody every two weeks. By mutual agreement, the child has been attending school in Morocco since the start of the school year. This Monday, November 14, 2022, the columnist is off TPMP people – who makes the trip every two weeks – who was responsible for the child, but the businessman would have refused to let her pick him up as usual. She nevertheless went up to pick him up at his school with his mother Farida and alerted Vincent Miclet. A message he didn’t want to answer. At that time, Ayem would have discovered that Ayvin attended school in a somewhat haphazard manner with tardiness and absences.

The next day, Tuesday, Vincent Miclet’s kidnapping warning was published on his social network. The former reality TV contestant immediately went to the authorities with the documents giving her custody of the child. Authorities confirmed to him that what happened was not synonymous with kidnapping. At the moment, she would do what is necessary, with the authorities, to return to France as soon as possible to educate Ayvin there, and to put an end to this moral agreement of shared custody.

A case that is not done talking.

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