Back to school: food truck and pasta box for these high school students from Pontivy

Gilles Huellou, director of the high school Jeanne-d’Arc – Saint-Ivy in Pontivy (Morbihan), in front of the Jasi truck, which will be offered to high school students at the start of the school year. ©FIRE

950 pupils and students are expected at the Jeanne-d’Arc high school in Pontivy (Morbihan) on Thursday 1eh September for a somewhat special back-to-school season.

In addition to self-service and the cafeteria, the establishment will now offer a third catering area with the Jasi Lastbilen.

This is a used food truck, with low mileage, that we have rearranged to our needs…

Gilles Huellou, director.

High school students from each of the institution’s 30 classes, as part of an already planned rotation, get access to it once every 15 days with the menu, small starters, pasta box and desserts…

Courtyard and terrace…

When the order is picked up in a new courtyard in front of the restaurant truck, the high school students will be able to eat it in the room in the old foyer (empty for two years), converted into a dining room with 120 seats. seats, or on the newly created one, which also offers around fifty seats.

The total investment amount for the yard, the terrace, the food truck and the furnishing of the old foyer amounts to €130,000. For a new restaurant, it cost over a million euros…

Gilles Huellou.

Since a food truck by its very nature moves around, it can also be used by students from the Saint-Ivy hotel school, the establishment’s second location, “and for different events”, adds Gilles Huellou, the director, who is preparing his 11th.e returned to Pontivy.

The food truck takes the name of the high school, Jasi truck. Jasi for Jeanne-d’Arc – Saint-Ivy, a company that expects for this new school year, in total in its two locations, 1,640 pupils and students.

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