Bassin de Thau: for the holidays, Midi Libre thinks about your wallet with smart tips!

Through Rabaischoc, consume locally with prices negotiated for you.

It’s almost the holidays and in these times of inflation the wallet isn’t necessarily up to the party exactly. Midi Libre has thought about your purchasing power with good offers in the form of negotiated prices: buy one or more coupons via the site and enjoy a 40 to 50% or more reduction on the amount you can spend in the store! Half price boat passes, decorative gifts, gym or entertainment for kids, enough to have fun without breaking the bank.

Interior design and home

Feel like decorating? A.Selectore in Sète highlights craftsmen with an environmentally responsible concept. Purchased €30 is €50 to spend.

Chez Lobé déco in Mèze A new brand where you can find many gift ideas for the holidays. Again, €30 to €50 will be spent in stores.

Sleeping well can also be due to your bedding. With Méridionale de la Literie in Sète, 100 invested means a possible purchase of €200.

With Irrijardin, swimming pool robots, above ground swimming pool, maintenance products or even hot tubs and saunas, for €30, take advantage of €50 in coupons.

Go away

Fancy a romantic moment? Get a 1-night package + breakfast in a comfortable double room at Domaine du Lazaret in Sète for €72 (value €120).

When you live by the sea, the temptation to have a boat license is strong: thanks to Hexa Boat Sète, it will cost you €120 instead of €240.

Fan of fishing trips or discovery walks, Thau Excursions Frontignan will be your guide (with €45.60, get €76 from the service provider).

For a small meal for two, at IbaÏa Le Bonheur, have lunch on this bed and breakfast barge with two menus to choose from at €15 each instead of €25.

Fans of a good burger or homemade pasta, head to the Pasta Burger House in Balaruc-le-Vieux (€9 for the €15 voucher).


Come on, let’s let the holidays pass and treat ourselves to a subscription to start 2023 with good resolutions: at the Thau center Form in Frontignan, the annual subscription goes for €179.94 instead of €359.88. As for Run’Up Sète, the annual subscription to this gym is €265 (€530 normal price). 7Fitness center Sète, for its part, offers registration fees and annual subscription for €204.50 (public price, €409).

At the Palmer Center in Balaruc-lès-Bains, you can take care of yourself: cryotherapy, permanent hair removal, micro needling, enough to make you look new (€36 for €60 in the store).

A nice pair of glasses, sunglasses or not, is always a valuable gift. A look Listening to Poussan gives reductions to all optics and hearing, i.e. €50 for €30 purchased, always cumulative.

For children

Let’s go for a happy laser game in Gigean! For €10 of purchase, benefit from €20 in credits.

Happy Fantasy Gigean is open to children from 1 to 12 years and offers 1000 m2 of fun games (a paid entrance allows you to have two children’s allowances, ie €7.50 instead of €15).

At Fiesta Parc in Vic-la-Gardiole, for €18, take advantage of €30 to spend on the rides (the park is open to visitors from February to November, the water section open from June).

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