Beer, chips, pizzas… the WC’s flagship products are on the rise

With a WC in November-December, the TV evenings at home should be more. (©Drobot Dean / AdobeStock)

If during the previous football World Cups you preferred evenings on the terrace and cheering in the streets filled with supporters to follow the matches with your friends, this time, the 2022 World Cup begins in the fall.

If you don’t really want to stick your nose out, you’d better bet on it aperitifs at home with your loved ones. And you’re not alone: ​​according to a recent NielsenIQ survey, 93% of spectators intend to watch matches at home. But be careful, yours meal trays can cost you dearly.

Because food prices are up 6.2% over a year: football fans should therefore expect to see the price of the flagship products for their TV sets rise. The Tiendeo platform, an application that displays offers and digital catalogs from major retailers, has analyzed the evolution of the price of certain essential foods over the past 12 months.

Beer, chips, coke, pizzas…

In Tiendeo’s attractions therefore: beer, chips, Coca-Cola and frozen pizzas, the essentials of a football night. Products that are the subject of a consumption peak right now”, according to the platform, a sign that footballers are likely to watch the sporting event more from their couch than at a table in a bar.

Primarily, beer, which often rhymes with match, has been more expensive for a few months. “Its price has increased by an average of 4.5% compared to last year,” notes Tiendeo. “In the beverage department, another product experienced its price increase: Coca-Cola, with an increase of around 6.6%”, we still read in the press release from the platform.

Another significant increase: the frozen ones. And who says football night, says frozen pizza. Bad luck, these have increased by 8% over a year. A classic pizza now costs €2.14 compared to €1.98 previously.

Finally, the final products affected: the chips. “On average, a packet of chips is now 15.7% more expensive than a year ago,” Tiendeo points out. And for good reason: the war in Ukraine led to an increase in the price of oil, which had a direct impact on the price of chips.

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Because Ukraine is the world’s largest exporter of sunflower oil, but since February last year, exports have been more complicated. While a packet of crisps cost an average of €2.29, it was increasing €2.65according to Tiendeo.

Generalized inflation

But what are these increases associated with? ” That energy costs and the cost of raw materials has increased, so brands are forced to raise the price of their products,” explains a spokeswoman for Tiendeo, contacted per

For Coca-Cola, for example, it is the glass that has increased. The price of beer has also increased because it takes a lot of water and a lot of electricity to produce it. So if the chain increases the final product as well.

Tiendeo spokesperson

Sufficient increases to change the spending habits of the French? Undoubtedly, according to Tiendeo: “For some months we have seen that as soon as a specific product goes up, consumers go to the platform to see which product is cheaper and in which store »explains the spokesperson for Tiendeo.

Users are looking for solutions to reduce the bill on the receipt: “They buy more in packages than individually. We really see them connecting further on the application to compare products… Their price sensitivity is increasingly important”, explains Tiendeo, which gathers almost 3 million users in France.

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