Beer with pizza or tarte flambée: this is Mogwaï, a brewery like no other

Gaël Stephan, co-founder of the microbrewery Mogwaï Beer Company. (©Ivan Capecchi / Strasbourg News)

Launched in May 2022, the microbrewery Mogwai Beer Companybased in Mundolsheim (Bas-Rhin), claims not to want to do like the others.

Here we offer ” beer that tastes good », says one of the three partners and founding members, Gaël Stephan. “Tasteless beer does not interest us. We want people to have feelings when they drink our beer,” he continues.

With this goal, the three jokers do not hesitate to make beer with… unusual taste.

Only fleeting beers right now

Since its establishment, the microbrewery has been brewing 27 different beers. Its specificity? Offer only fleeting beer. “We never brew the same thing twice, which allows us, [à nous qui avons] want to have fun, try new things every time”, slips Gaël, who does not rule out “offering a permanent selection of 3-4 beers” in the long term.

The “beers that work really well” are marketed “a month or two” generally. The others, “max. 3-4 months”*.

A pizza flavored beer

The first unusual beer offered by Mogwaï was a beer with pizza flavor. It was also one of the very first beers to be brewed. “The idea was to hit hard from the start, to bring our beer to the building,” smiles Gaël, who traces the creation:

Before I became a brewer, I was passionate about beer. I brewed at home. I liked atypical things. One day I came across a Russian beer which was a pizza style beer. As an amateur brewer I found it crazy, I like technical challenges and I wanted to reproduce it at home. I contacted the brewers, who gave me the recipe. I twisted it into my sauce. We find all the markers of pizza: Double concentrate of tomatoes, thyme, basil, oregano and salt.

Gael Stephanmad brewer

Against all expectations, this beer sold very well. So good that Gaël and his staff plan to produce it once a year.

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Another tarte flambée flavor

The youngest is one beer with tarte flambéelike our colleagues from Candy recently.

For this one, the team used “180kg of onion, nutmeg, salt and smoked malt to recall the bacon”. The beer, which was launched “two-three weeks” ago, is “very divisive”, admits Gaël. But “for open-minded people, the surprise effect is there,” he continues.

Not just unusual beers

Please note: Mogwaï not only offers beers with unusual flavors, but most of them retain their character. We can cite “Home Sweet Home, a winter beer that is close to a Christmas beer, Midnight Horror Party, a very chocolatey dessert beer with black cherries – which can remind us of a black forest cake – Grandmaster Clash, in an old-fashioned IPA, or Roulio, a contemporary hoppy beer”, lists Gaël.

Having said that, there are also simpler beerlike “Space Gringo, a classic blonde – maybe a little more bitter than usual, but it’s still a simple and easy-drinking beer – or Wo Ist Old Zealand?, a German white, but hoppier than usual”.

*It is possible to buy Mogwaï beer directly on site or in Strasbourg wine shops. “We are also distributed nationally. Next week we will have an online store on our website,” adds Gaël.

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