Black Boys On Moped “Do I love you (more than a pizza)? (5″ vinyl, limited edition. Self-produced, December 16, 2022).

Reindeer Duo, Black boys on mopeds castagne since 2014, well almost. Without great finesse, but with efficiency, he rejects a screaming garage rock, between fuzz guitars and crossbow drums. He recently made the solemn decision to release 5″ vinyl records at regular intervals, in limited editions, accompanied by a Polaroid photo (obviously of very high standard) taken during the design of the object. Do I love you (more than a pizza)? is therefore the first of the announced series, it shows two gallops / escapades free of frills, yet very safe and unique since the first, I love you (more than a pizza), introduces a devastating clarinet. It gives him a free air, the title does not even reach the minute and beats without forcing everything that opposes it. Haster sang, shouted. Sharp riffs, playing speed. The difference is made, the two guys love us – more than a pizza, seriously – and let us know.

So let’s be ready because sometimes love is fleeting and for once the declaration doesn’t last forever. Take effect hit my facejust as ripped, Crampsgood as delaywell (I’m talking about Jay, indie will have understood ..), already completes the matter by sticking to it, no need to blabber excess measure, for a duration once again limited. The mess comes out herehe confirms the health of the Rennes combinations and, at the same time, the progress of these two troublemakers at the cleat, eager for noise, which starts with this Do I love you (more than a pizza)? a series that will definitely not be missed.

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