Cécile de France cash on a physical change due to age

“I find it a bit annoying…”: Cécile de France cash on a physical change due to age – BestImage, © Pierre Perusseau / Bestimage

As Cécile de France grew older, it looked very good. But there is a physical change that she finds “a bit annoying”.

She returned to the screen to star in the film The passenger, on December 14. In this dramatic romance, Cécile de France lends her features to Chiara, a happily married woman whose meeting with Maxence, a much younger man, will upset her. It is a matter of age and in a few interviews the Belgian actress, born in Namur, where she is still based, openly evokes this topic. Approaching her fifties, the Belgian is proud of her body, she feels no shame when it comes to showing it off, and she’s absolutely right. “I found it important to show my body as a 47-year-old woman as it is, she confided in an interview with Female version. It’s crazy to say it like this: I’m still young. But I am no longer in the beauty standards.”

But he has a physical change caused by age that bothers her. It is in the columns of the magazine SHE, on December 14 that she agreed to reveal it. “Only change for me, the use of glasses… I think it’s a bit annoying when you start to have a declining visionshe reveals. It’s okay, I finally accepted. And it looks smart.” For everything else, Cécile de France considers herself lucky. In her professional life, she admits to being lucky enough to be able to play representations of women undergoing metamorphosis. When in her life…

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