“C’era una volta”, Italy’s history of taste according to Stefano Russo

Stefano Russo left Naples in 2007 for a tourist trip to France that was planned for a few weeks. Who would have thought that this doctor of art history would never leave France to discover the family kitchen passed down from generation to generation and become a chef?

Why this career change?

I work according to my passions. When I arrived in France, I could have been a museum curator, but I said to myself: “Why not the kitchen?”. I have a certain technique inherited from my family universe. I am self-taught. I trained in two Italian restaurants, in Castries and Montpellier. Because of these experiences, I wanted to start my own business. I was in love with the place when I visited.

The name of your restaurant “C’era una volta” transports us to a dreamlike universe, doesn’t it?

In fact, “Once upon a time” revolves around the narrative. I like this theme which gives a soul to the place. For example, in our menu there is a pizza called “The three little pigs”. The decoration of the place is also a dream with the hanging lights reminiscent of clouds. All of this will evolve as customers experience the transformations.

What is your qualitative approach? Do you have a signature right?

I get the fresh ingredients from Italy. I work remotely with a mozzarella di Bufala producer who delivers to me every week. I prefer the short circuit, especially with primeurs. Charcuterie and flour come from a Montpellier wholesaler who imports them from Italy. All our dishes are homemade, the charcuterie sliced ​​to the minute. The meal ends with mocha coffee served in an old-fashioned coffee machine directly at the table.

Since our opening on December 12, everything has accelerated, the attendance is diligent. Customers appreciate my Milanese escalopes, my stock is regularly running low! The comments are quite enthusiastic in the room and we are still at the beginning of this culinary adventure!

“C’era una volta”, 4 rue des Magnanarelles, Monday to Friday, 12.00 to 14.00 and 19.00 to 22.00; 09 51 06 22 51.

Correspondent 06 27 13 31 48

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