Changing the battery in an Apple product will cost a lot more from March

Internet users have discovered new conditions published on Apple’s after-sales service page. Replacing the battery on an out-of-warranty iPhone can cost €24 more.

A measure that comes into force on 1eh March in many parts of the world, including France. This one will not worry beyond just the iPhone, as the cost of replacing the batteries for the iPad and MacBook will also increase significantly.

Increase up to €60

A Reddit user doing business as NONExist01 spotted the upcoming changes to repair prices for Apple devices. The Cupertino company has discreetly added small lines on its various after-sales service pages specifying the new price conditions for replacing the battery of one of its devices that is no longer under warranty.

Replacing the battery on one of its Apple devices will soon become even more expensive. ©Apple

From 1eh March 2023 therefore “out of warranty service fee for battery” for a device older than iPhone 14 will increase by €24. Smartphones from the Apple giant are not the only products affected by this price increase since, as other internet users have pointed out, and after checking the dedicated French pages, iPads and Macs are too. These price increases can be up to €60 for all models of MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Many models affected

Here is the full list of affected models if out of warranty:

  • iPhone 13 and earlier: +€24
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5e generation and older: +€40
  • iPad Pro 11 inch 3e generation and older: +€40
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch: +€40
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inch: +€40
  • iPad Mini 6e generation and older: +€40
  • iPad Air 5e generation and older: +€40
  • MacBook Air, all models: +€36
  • MacBook and MacBook Pro, all models: +€60

For example, replacing the battery on a standard iPhone 13 currently costs €75. In March, such an action will cost €99. Getting the battery replaced in a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 5e generation will cost €149 instead of €109 these days. Finally, for a 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro M1, if you have to pay €229 to replace the battery at the beginning of 2023, this service will cost €289 from March.

People subscribed to an AppleCare + contract will not be affected as this service is already included.

This is not the first time that Apple has decided to raise its prices without warning. The giant had already done it with the sale prices of its iPad Air and Pro or even of its subscription services such as Apple Music and Apple TV + in October 2022.

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