Charlbi Dean’s sudden death at 32: The causes of the Palme d’Or actress’ death revealed

She had died suddenly on August 29. The causes of the death of actress Charlbi Dean, known for her role in Without Filter, the film that received the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year, remained unclear. The coroner has provided new information.

On August 29, the American press announced that actress of South African origin Charlbi Dean died at the age of 32 “after a”unexpected sudden illnessUnclear circumstances, the details of which were not disclosed, and which quickly fueled rumours, in particular that she would have succumbed to the effects of an anti-Covid vaccine.

At the time, his brother responded publicly, deeming these theories “irrelevant”, “ridiculous” and “extremely naive”. But Charlbi Dean’s death remained unexplained. He didn’t know exactly what had happened. He only explained that it all “literally happened in one day: she had a headache, she went to sleep, and when she woke up, she asked her partner to take her away. to the hospital”.

Accidental death

Four months later, the cause of his death is revealed by a spokesman for the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, quoted by People magazine, which reports that the actress died of sepsis.

Sepsis “was a complication of asplenia (absence of a spleen) due to ‘remote blunt force trauma to his torso,'” the spokesman said. It would therefore be an accidental death. People add that its bacterial sepsis was caused after she was infected with a bacteria known as Capnocytophaga.

The journal indicates that this bacteria can grow in the mouths of humans, but also dogs and cats and people who are autoimmune or who no longer have a spleen are more susceptible to it. This was the case with Charlbi Dean, who had her spleen removed in 2009.

It remains to be seen whether it was an animal bite that could have caused this sepsis. The autopsy report has not been released in detail.

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