Chef Jamie Oliver and his Italian takeaway chain Pasta Dreams land in Rouen

Rouen is the first French city after Paris to host the Pasta Dreams chain. Takeaway sales of Italian dishes will begin on Wednesday, December 21 at 8 rue de Crosne. Officials want to improve their project in the Normandy capital before a national launch.

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After temporary openings in Paris and London, the English media chef Jamie Oliver and his chain of Italian takeaway dishes Pasta Dreams have chosen to establish themselves in Rouen to test their concept in the region. The English chef has teamed up with Taster, a takeaway chain. Rouennais will be able to order their pasta, salads or tiramisu on the Uber Eats and Deliveroo home delivery platforms from Wednesday 21 December at

“A demanding public”

“We choose Rouen for provincial launches, it is the best place before national development”, explains Matthias Gouard, manager at Taster. The local project manager trusts “a demanding public with a critical gastronomic spirit” to refine its formula before a launch in other French cities in the coming weeks. Count between €8.90 and €14.90 for a pasta dish.

Our video about Justin Berment, young conductor of Tempo, replacing Réverbère in Rouen:

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